Time to Breathe

Breathing is not something one thinks about often. As humans, our bodies are built to do it. We don’t have to consciously make it happen. Breathing just happens. Have you ever actually taken time to breathe, though? Lately, I’ve been thinking about how it would be great to just catch a breath. The truth is, I catch a breath every second of every day. The breath I am talking about is a breath of relaxation. A breath that would, in a way, set me free. As I prepare for graduation, I have been looking back at my college career. I started at McHenry County College where I had a class almost every semester that I could. Once I transferred to UW-Whitewater, the course loads and expectations increased tremendously. I look back at this, and although I handled it well, I feel like I should have stopped to take a breath. I don’t feel like I took in as many moments as I should have. I may have to wait fifteen more weeks to catch a deep, relaxing break. It will be a breath of relaxation knowing I accomplished something great and knowing that the rest of my life is ahead of me.

The band “NEEDTOBREATHE,” released a song, “Something Beautiful” a few years back. This song explains my view on where I feel like I am at the start of this semester and new year. I am looking for something beautiful, and I am down on my knees trying to catch that one, deep breath. Check out the song. It will be embedded below.


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