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The City of Watertown has multiple races on the ballet for April 5ths election. Four Common Council seats and the Mayor are up for election. The current Mayor is the Honorable John David. David’s term expires this April, however he is running for reelection. Terms for Mayor are three years.

John David, the incumbent, is running against Jordan Turner, who announced his candidacy on December first 2015. John David has held city offices for over a decade. Jordan turner is still attending college where he is studying law. Turner worked as a reporter covering social issues and also served a one year term on a national organization’s Advisory Board, in which he advised the President, Ingrid Newkirk, on animal rescue and educational campaign strategies.

John David is a lifelong resident of Watertown and is very proud of his City. David is proud of Watertown’s Industrial and Commercial base as well as its agricultural ties and farmland. David said, “There are many reasons to visit or locate to Watertown; housing, industry, schools, shopping, recreation; but our best asset is the people of Watertown.  They are friendly, energetic and hardworking.” David would like to continue working for the people of his city if reelected in April.

Jordan Turner is running with the slogan of, “A Fresh Start!” Turner, also a Watertown resident, attended Watertown high school, and is currently working toward a law degree. Turner said, “I am running for mayor because I believe we can turn our community into an example for other Wisconsin cities.” He says he’d do this by creating the city’s first Citizen Advisory Board, in an effort to increase the cities transparency. Turner would like to increase the minimum wage for large business employees to ten dollars and ten cents. He would also like to reduce the Mayor’s salary, “by at least ten thousand dollars” which he would redirect to the Watertown Police Department. He would also like federal funding which would be used for body cameras for the city’s Police Officers, in order to encourage citizens to interact with law enforcement and to aid in prosecuting criminals. Turner would also like to encourage business to return to Watertown.

The winner of this election will have many responsibilities. The mayor is responsible for budgeting with the assistance of the finance Committee, Personal Administration, Property management and inventory, supporting services of the Common council, Administration of the job descriptions and compensation plan of the city with the assistance of the Finance Committee, and Negotiate the sale and/or purchase of public property subject to Plan Commission and Common Council approval. The mayor also appoints department heads with the approval of the Common Council.

The new mayor and common council members will be decided at the April fifth election.

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