May 7

The Future of Storytelling on the Web

“The Internet is really still in its infancy, and according to USC’s Koci Hernandez, that means journalists still have time to help mold it as a storytelling platform,” said Debora Wegner from Advancing the Story. Hernandez encourages young journalists to visit websites in which digital and multimedia masterpieces were created like The Verge. Since the Internet is still a baby, this is the prime time for journalists to be creative and create their own style of online journalism. The knowledge of technology and the basic skills of journalistic writing will help journalists strive on the web.

It is interesting to think about how young the Internet actually is. Although it has been around for most of this generations life, it is still a resource that people are getting used to. Since it is so new, a style of writing has not really been developed for the web yet. This is the time for current and future journalists to show their individuality and express who they are. The way that the Internet tells a story is not specified, so tell your story in your own way.

This post was interesting because it provided a truth that many look over. The Internet is still molding and it was useful to read a post that reminded me of that. Web journalism can be a great tool for storytelling and the creativity and uniqueness that is combined with it makes it unlike any other source of journalism.

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May 3

Donald Sterling Banned

Apr 30

Launch of the new Facebook newswire

Facebook just recently announced the launch of their new FB Newswire. This newswire is supposed to help journalists locate and share content that relates to the media that they produce. The main product that Facebook will be using is called Storyful and it discovers social content. The newswire will hopefully have an effect on how quickly and accurately a journalist can report a story.

There seems to be many programs and applications that are sharing the same idea, make reporting easier for journalists. Upcoming journalists will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the useful programs that are available. These changes are making journalism faster and more efficient than ever and also providing the audience with the same, trustworthy, news.

I hope that more programs like Stroyful continue to be developed. Technology and social media are becoming a large part of the role of a journalist and knowing how to use resources is crucial. This article, like many others, proved that developers are taking part in the role of a journalist and finding ways to help them.


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Apr 23

Start Tweeting!

“For a freelance writer, maintaining and updating social media accounts is vital to your career”. This is what 10,000 wrote about in a recent blog post. Although this task is mainly seen as easy, it is also sometimes forgot about. This piece focused on a writer that noticed her lack of usage on her social media accounts. She decided to set goals for herself in order to use social media effectively, like tweeting once a day.

The writer stated that it is important to stay interesting to your followers online and instead of being broad, focus on one outlet. She also said that it is never a good idea to solicit or spam the people who admire you. The people who follow you on social media are your fans too, not just annoying randoms.

This article provided great advice and reminded young journalists that social media is a part of journalism now. It can be used to your advantage and make or break a career. Social media makes journalists more realistic and personable to their fans and this generates more views and perhaps more profit.

I think that social media is a great tool that every present and future journalist should learn to use. It is just as important as other aspects of the job. So stop being so busy and take a minute to update a profile picture or compose a new Tweet.

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Apr 15

No More Hashtags?

Social Media Ideas and Strategy for Journalists recently posted about hashtags. Vivian Schiller, Twitter’s brand new Head of News, gave a speech that indicated that the Hashtag was “dead”. Popular sites like BuzzFeed, HuffPo, Mashable and Forbes all made comments and quoted Schiller’s speech.Twitter has started a campaign to support the use of Hashtags. Although Hashtags, like everything else, will eventually disappear, it seems as though Hashtags are here to stay…at least for a while.

The post made a good point in saying that everything evolves over time. That is very true but it doesn’t seem that society is ready to let go of Hashtags. They still continue to be a valuable tool for Twitter users.

I think that Hashtags will be around for a while. They may slowly diminish over the next couple of years, but until something better comes along, I think that they are safe. Hopefully because of this speech, people will use Hashtags more than ever!




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Apr 10

A Reporter’s Preview

Advancing the story posted about a new mobile video app called Videolicious that is becoming a TV reporter’s best friend. Beth Parker from Fox 5 DC used the app to get out information before the actual show. She uses the app to take short videos on the scene to give the audience a preview of what is going to be talked about.

Videolicious allows journalists to record voices, shoot video clips and drag and drop them within seconds. Then the video can be shared on Facebook or Twitter in a matter of seconds.

I  have never personally heard of this app before but I think that it is a great way to get people engaged with a story. If the short video clips look interesting, it will probably cause more people to watch the actual story. It is fast and convenient and this is what needs to be done to succeed in the digital world.

Video apps are not just being used by amateurs anymore. These apps are creating convenience and speed for media professionals. It makes the job easier and reaches many more people in a short amount of time.



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Apr 2

The Value of Upworthy

10,000 words came out with a post regarding the hated but loved Upworthy. The post explained that Upworthy is valuable to journalists and many lessons can be learned from their success. One online journalism tip that was provided was about testing out your headlines. Put up a headline and run a “click test” to see how attractive they are. If they do not get many clicks, then change them. Another tip was to know your audience! Recognize when and where they are using your app and website. It will give you a better idea of what your readers want and when they want it. This post also mentioned sticking to your brand and being proud of what you have accomplished. I think that this is important because who is going to love your content if you don’t?

This post provided a lot of information that seemed valuable to current and future journalists in the digital world. They only named a few but Upworthy has many ideas that should be considered. Whether you like it or not, Upworthy is successful and are doing digital media the right way.

Expectations are increasing and what audiences want and need are changing. It is a good idea to rely on websites like Upworthy to give you ideas of what is working and what is not. Its not cheating, its using your resources.UpworthyVenn


Mar 27

Get The Job!

Advancing The Story came out with a new post that talked about getting a journalism job. The main point of focus is preparing for the interview. It is reported that more than 90 percent of journalism and mass communication graduates get at least one job interview shortly after graduation but less than 74 percent end up getting a job.

Byron Brown, a news anchor and reporter from WJTV in Jackson, Miss., says that dressing for success is an important factor as well as preparing for the interview. Do not only prepare answers and questions but also do some research on the company. Be familiar with its history and guidelines before you go in for your interview.

This article was interesting. It was great to see how many people get the opportunity to get an interview and even though the percentage of people who actually get the job is less, it is still somewhat decent. These are good tips for any graduate in any field. The working world is competitive and only the best will stand out from all the others.



Mar 11

Funny Freelancers

10,000 words recently posted about and their attempt to create a fun and creative environment for college students. The site includes a lot of different content from comics to viral videos and CollegeHumor is now looking for new writers. The site consists of three sections including articles, videos and pictures. The articles mainly include short sentences and a lot of graphic content.

CollegeHumor is a great idea especially because it relates directly to college students. We want to be entertained and laugh without reading a lot and CollegeHumor does exactly this. Also, it is great that all of the content that is posted is done by college students themselves.

I enjoyed this article but i wish that it went into more detail. I would have liked to hear more about the site and exactly what it includes. I do not think that many college students know about this site and it would be a good idea if they advertised how unique the site is. Many college students would use and participate in the site if they knew about it.


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Mar 4

Print is still Surviving touched on a new analysis that was conducted on newspaper’s audience reports. The digital audience continues to grow just like it does every year and the mobile audience is growing but there is surprising hope for print newspapers. More than half of the newspaper audience (about 54 percent) still read their local newspaper only in print. This audience does not visit their paper’s website but strictly only reads their local paper online.

This was an interesting article and it was quite reassuring to read as a future journalist. Although the audience is older, it is nice to know that there is a group of people that still rely on print news to get their daily information. I do think that this percentage will decrease as generations continue on but print journalism does still have value. Yes, it is easy to access information on a mobile phone or tablet but sometimes there is nothing better than reading a good story on paper.

I really hope that print journalism still survives in our tech savvy world. The originality and history of print is what makes it so special and people who did not get the chance to grow up when newspapers and magazines were essential do not realize that. I know that the day will eventually come when everything is online but I hope that world will not come any time soon.



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