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Scott Pelley

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I agree with him that in these times it is so difficult to be a completely ethical journalist, because of how important it has become to get the story out there first. You may have to sacrifice or risk the full truth to be first with a story, and is that really worth it? I don’t know. His quote, “In a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor” is especially important. Even common citizens who aren’t trained in journalism can post videos or stories up and not worry about the ramifications that may come.
When he references how the Boston bombing had several innocent people accused, and it spread like wildfire from the internet to established newsrooms, he really hits the nail on the head of the importance of checking facts. People’s lives can be forever ruined by something like that where they are falsely accused, plus it also hurts us from finding the real people responsible. It’s a dangerous game we play in the digital age, and one i’m not sure i will ever know how to completely approach. I will just have to be as careful as possible.

Shorter Wait Times For Mobile News?

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In honor of us discussing mobile news this week in our class, writing about a possible speed up in mobile news, led by Google, seemed fitting. In an article posted this past week on Poynter, author Benjamin Mullen relayed the news that Google is seeking to speed up mobile Web loading times. And I have to say: This is awesome news! I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been frustrated by the slow loading speeds of the web on my phone.


The announcement revolves around something called Accelerate Mobile Pages, or “AMP.” According to the article, AMP is a “proposed Web standard that imposed constraints on the bulkier elements of Web Design to ensure that pages load quickly.”

While it may sound complicated, it simply means faster loading of Web pages on mobile because the design of mobile sites would be sleeker. Google has already said that several big names in Web publishing have adopted the standards of AMP, which is great news. Responsive Design was a big step in making sites easier and faster to load, and AMP will be another big step. Here’s hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

Cost Worries Lead to Threats

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The fact that the owner of the New York Daily News, Mort Zuckerman, resorted to threatening union backed drivers is not as surprising to me as it might be to some.


In the age we live in, everyone knows that print media has been slowly declining for years. This step by Zuckerman is a new twist, one that I admit I’ve never heard of someone doing before, but not a shocking step in the least. If you want your paper to survive, you have to deal with reducing costs of all kinds. I can’t say I’m a fan of him using threats, but negotiating a cheaper way to have his paper delivered makes sense.

The funny thing is, even if he did get them to agree to new terms, it might not be enough to sustain the print version very long anyway. If he is really in this dire of straits, an all digital version will be happening sooner rather than later.

Print Newspaper demise

Top 10 Travel Destinations Map

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‘Spotlight’ shines light on importance of journalists

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When a film as tremendous as ‘Spotlight’ comes along, it’s hard for me not to be happy about the degree i’ve decided to pursue. Showcasing a massive collection of talented actors, the movie does a deep dive on how a team of writers and editors at the Boston Globe unearthed and brought to light the huge scandal and cover-up of child molestation that had gone on for years in the Catholic Church.

Spotlight Poster


The release of this film comes at a good time in the current media climate. Now, more than ever, the media is viewed as untrustworthy and biased. As shown in the chart below, trust is at an all time low.


Media poll


This may be just a “hollywood flick,” but it’s based on, and accurately portrays according to many close to the investigation, a real event. Critics, movie-goers and journalists alike have all have jumped on the bandwagon for this film, and that includes me. It’s a must see, and it emboldens me to continue along the path i’ve chosen.

Oh, and in my humble opinion, Michael Keaton is an absolute shoo-in for the best supporting actor Oscar race. While there are many shining performances by the ensemble cast, his portrayal of investigative reporter Walter Robinson is at times heartbreaking and boldly up-lifting. It’s an astonishing bit of acting.

ESPN Shuts Down Grantland

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It was a sad day in long-form journalism when Grantland was shut down by ESPN on Friday. Grantland was the type of place I could have seen myself working for. It combined two loves of mine: sports and pop culture.

The whole issue with Grantland came to a head when Editor In Chief and co-founder Bill Simmons was fired from ESPN. Without him, there was a lot of acrimony and scrambling. Staff members were shifted to different areas, and a new EIC was brought in who clashed with the staff. It was chaos, allegedly.

I also want to give a shoutout to Miller for his coverage in this saga. If you go to his twitter feed, you can see all of his reporting on this topic. He has done a marvelous job covering the saga of Grantland after Simmons was gone from ESPN.

Even if all of this drama was compelling, it still was a sad day when the news of the site shutting down broke. It’s one less outlet for talented writers and journalists and one less possible job for people like me in the future. R.I.P. Grantland.

NY Times Goes Retro

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The Chicago Cubs were swept out of the playoffs by the New York Mets in the NLCS this past week. Even though i’m a diehard Milwaukee Brewers fan, this post isn’t going to be me mocking the Cubs. Instead, it will be me posting one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen a newspaper do, which in turn mocks the Cubs.

Old School Burn


I think it’s amazing that the Times did this. Everyone knows newspapers are dying, but it’s nice to see those who still work for them have such passion. It’s gimmicks like this that keep the business alive and relevant just when you might think it isn’t anymore. Kudos to the greatest newspaper in the world for this magnificent page.

It would be neat to see more newspapers try out something like this, because let’s face it: the most iconic newspaper pages are the ones from the early 20th century, and even as history goes on, I doubt that will change. Titanic front page anyone?


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3 changes

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The changes i made this week off of advice from the NewsU course we went over were to add two different widgets and change up the theme of my page. I changed the theme because i feel everything is organized better and has a more sensible hierarchy. I added two widgets i think are also important. The first widget, my second change, was to add my RSS feed. It just makes sense to have that connect to my blog and i’m glad that NewsU suggested connecting all my aspects of media. Which leads into my third change, adding a twitter feed. I did this on the class website as well, so it just seemed obvious to do it on my blog. Unfortunately i’m having trouble getting it to connect to my personal twitter instead of just the wordpress one. It wasn’t a pre installed widget, i had to add it, so i think that might be where the trouble is coming from. Hopefully i can figure it out soon.

3 Blogs i find interesting

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The first is this. IT’s great for guys like me who don’t get to the gym as much as they should.

The second is here. I like to follow random blogs where you learn how to make things and do stuff without spending a lot of money. My sister actually got me into this. It’s neat to see all these DIY projects a single person can do, and inspiring!.

The third is my favorite, sports! This place is addicting, and i check it everyday to see the outsider take on sports. It’s not just some big Disney company like ESPN, it pokes fun and calls out ESPN and others. Very entertaining.