Charlie Beren

October 22nd, 2019

On Saturday October 19th Charlie Berens performed a stand up comedy show at the Young Auditorium, in Whitewater, Wisconsin. This was a stop on his country wide tour, he continued to perform in Wisconsin where the next day he performed in Fish Creek, and then again on the 26th he will perform in Baraboo. After these shows we Beren’s will not be in Wisconsin until December 13th and 14th where he will be in Green Bay.

His love for the media started in highschool where his brother was the editor and chief at the school paper and got him into it. He them went to Madison to continue studying his love for Journalism, where he got great opportunities like being a student reporter for MTV. He even got to report at the GOP in Minneapolis, and was eventually was arrested along with all the protestors.

After he graduated he drove his dad’s van to Los Angeles to work for a production Company, where he did everything like run for coffee, and even transport the equipment in his van and operated cameras. He later created his own real and began working for a YouTube production group. THat led to him becoming an anchor at a major television station in Dallas. He even won an Emmy for one of his news packages.

He later went back to LA and became a host at the red carpet. Being in LA gave him opportunity like he decided to try stand-up at an open mic night, and he even was making short videos that he is known for. Like his videos of him making fun of Wisconsin or the midwest. Berens said when asked what he does when the crowd doesn’t respond well, “Whenever you get lost double down on audience”.

Local Wisconsinites are proud to see a local comedian make it big, University Wisconsin-Whitewater student Brody Maag, “I think it is really cool to see a fellow Wisconsitie make it big, I’ve watched all of his videos, and I thought it was humbling to goto his show and see him do his comedy show”. This shows how important it is to the Wisconsin community to see one of their own make it big in the Comedic community.

My digital history

September 16th, 2019

My digital history is not usual, I use the internet to keep up on my favorite sports teams. Also I will use it if I find breaking news of some sort.

For example, because the twins are really close to the playoffs and are suffering from a lot of injuries, I look them up every day to see how the injuries are coming along.

Some of the websites that I use for this type of research are sites like TwinkieTown, Twins Daily, and ESPN. I use these websites and websites like these in order to know every thing I need to know about the twins season, Injury updates and even game analysis. I will also use similar websites to see how the Timberwolves are doing this off season, or maybe see what went wrong in the Vikings game.

I also use the internet for Fantasy football, I use to see if my players are gonna play this week, or maybe to see if I have a better match up on my bench. Also to see if there are any sleepers that I should be watching out for on my leagues waiver wire.

I will also use the web for breaking stories, for example if I see something on twitter of facebook that I find interesting I will immediately goto google and will look it up. An example of this happening recently is I saw a cool story about 9/11 so then I went and looked it up.

The website that I will use for situations like this is usually CNN. This site and other sites like it are very useful to me staying with breaking news, or interesting news stories.

Other habits I have concerning the internet, I will only use google. I have tried to use other search engines but I just don’t think they are smooth and easy to use as google. Google makes it easier for me to find what I’m looking for.

I never comment or participate in blogs or different types of websites. I like to get my information from the website and use is for different things, not to tell the author that I agree or disagree with him.

I usually only use text stories I find it easier to find the information I’m looking for right away and then get off that site and look somewhere else. I will sometimes listen to a podcast, but usually if I’m watching a video on the internet it is a cut out from a earlier aired sports talk show. I do that so I can see the stories I want to see and skip the ones that I deem not interesting.

These are all of the habits that I have while dealing on the web, I mainly use it to keep up on sports, and I mainly use text articles, and I will only use google.

Minnesota Twins Injury Woes

September 11th, 2019

The Minnesota Twins have been plagued with a plethora of injuries, but none more devastating then young Center Field star Byron Buxton. Buxton has been dealing with shoulder season basically the entire second half of the season due to his aggressive defensive strategy. Buxton was just put on the 60 day DL and will miss the remainder of the season.

Other Center Field Options Max Kepler and Jake Cave are sidelined due to injury. Cave is experiencing groin tightness and Kepler is dealing with left shoulder soreness.

Just to make things worse the twins lost there best pitcher since the allstar break for the rest of the season due to performance enhancing drugs. These losses will make it rough for the twins to close out the season, while they are leading the Indians by 5 games. The Twins will need to get healthy in order to help there chances to close the season and to make a deep playoff push.

About the author

September 11th, 2019

The author is Austin Dowdall, he was born on October 16th 1998 in Stillwater Minnesota.

Austin is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he is studying broadcast-journalism. He is currently on the sports staff at UWWTV, and he is also a host for Warhawk Sports Saturday.

Austin is a sports fanatic, and likes to root for the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota TImberwolves, and Minnesota Golden Gopher football and basketball.

Hello world!

September 9th, 2019

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!