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Hello everyone and welcome to whitewater sports, this is Zach Cuarisma. The warhawks are pitted against the #2 Linfield Wildcats in the 3rd round of the DIII playoffs. The warhawks coming off and impressive win against Franklin University, hope to continue their run to the title this sat. at perkins stadium.

In Whitewater, Wisconsin you find the University of champions. Where the Whitewater Warhawks have made it back to the playoffs. Wins over St. Norbert and Franklin University have propelled Whitewater to the Quarterfinals of the DIII playoffs

Students are excited for the upcoming game against Linfield. I caught up with a few students in the Williams Center who where standing in line for the free tickets to the game.


Warhawks get ready!!! the time is now to support your school with your purple pride. Pack the PERK this weekend against the Linfield wildcats in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Go Warhawks!!!!

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Intro Post

Hello everyone!

Writing to me is a way to express myself in a safe comfortable form. I have enjoyed writing for awhile now and I actually was the sports editor for my high school paper. I found it interesting traveling to all of my high school’s sporting events and writing about them. I was also a part of my high school slam poetry team in which we had to create are own poems based on problems that were happening at the time. This gave me a little taste of what journalism is all about. I had to put in the research and time to understand and be able to present the findings in an organized manner. Below is a link to my performance of the poem.

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Hello world!

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