The PROS to creative writing.

Last semester I took my writing course requirement, Creative Writing. I never knew how much the class would have influenced me, but it did. I never wrote anything down unless it was just a note of things to do or remember, or doodling. In the class I had to keep a journal, add as many entries a week as possible was considered homework. I actually enjoyed it! If you are one of those people who tend to have so many ideas cluttered in your mind about things going on in your life or things to do in your life, I suggest to start writing in a journal. It’s like a blog but old school, plus you have the option to hide it away from everyone and keep it just for you. Fun things to write in a journal could be the following: trips you plan to go on (where and why), predictions of what will happen in the next two to five years (where will you be?), and influences and traditions you have/had growing up. Now if there are things that happen that I may not want to forget, I will jot it down in my journal and years from now I can look back and see how my writing has grown and how my ideas made me become the person I want to be.

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