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Running is a great sport but just like any sport it can cause injuries.


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Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford University on June, 12. Being a Reed College dropout, it was an interesting choice for a speaker, but Jobs made sure to deliver, making a lot of really think about their life journey. At age 50, Jobs, a college dropout is responsible for todays technology and that might not be the case if he had stayed enrolled at Reed College.

Jobs was put up for adoption, his mother had strict rules that the couple adopting Jobs would have to be college graduates. When the initial couple fell through, Jobs was adopted by a couple, who neither of whom had gone to college. They made a promise to Jobs birth mom that he would attend college and ended up keeping him. This is why Jobs started attending Reed, but soon figured out that it was not worth his parents life savings, and dropped out. After dropping out Jobs decided to take the classes he wanted, sleeping on friends floors and returned empty bottles for food money. Calligraphy was a class that Reed offered and Jobs decided to take this class on his own. 10 years later when Jobs was designing the first Macintosh computer it all came back to him, leading to why so many font options are available on todays computers. Not knowing if taking the calligraphy class would ever help him in the future, Jobs talks about connecting the dots “You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” saying that you never know what life experiences will come back to you later in life.

Jobs figured out what he loved early in life, starting apple in his parents garage at age 20 with Steve Wozniak. At age 30 Jobs was fired, from the company he had started. “Feeling like he had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down”. Jobs thought about running away from the valley, but he still loved what he did. Deciding to take his rejection as a good thing, Jobs got to start over again with a clear head. In that time Jobs started NEXT, Pixar, and got married. After Apple bought NEXT, Jobs returned to Apple, and Jobs doesn’t believe that would have happened if he would not have gotten fired. “You have got to find what you love, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do” Having loved something so much got him over of loosing something, leaning from mistakes and going on with your life.

Living each day as if it were your last, Jobs ask himself “if today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am doing today?” If the answer is no then Jobs will know something needs to be changed. After facing a scary scare with pancreatic cancer, he really thought about living each day as it it was your last. After having surgery Jobs is cancer free, but it was the closest he has been to facing death. Everyone faces death, “time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” keep going towards your goals, and don’t let setbacks, set you back.

Jobs taught the crowd to not let failure, or a  setback stop you from learning, because you never know how the dots will connect in the future. Find what you love in life, and stick to it no matter what other people think. Live each day as it it were your last, and always love what you do. Live life for what you want, and not how you think you other people want. For being a college dropout, I think Jobs might have taught the audience more in his speech then most have learned in class.


Event at Jitters

A metal core bad at a coffee shop? This might sound a little strange, but not if you were at Jitters on Thursday night February, 26. The band Within Our Eyes was the first metal core band to play at Jitters, and judging by the way the night ended, they might not be the last.

Jitters is a coffee shop for students, that is also run by students, at UW Whitewater. They have a verity of shakes and coffee to purchase, to go along with there very chill vibe. Having free entertainment on a weeknight is something that everyone loves, especially broke college students. Never having been to Jitters before, I was not quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It looked like a coffee shop that you would see on Main Street, a bunch of tables, chairs, but also a large stage in the corner. Making it more of a student feel, they have some of the walls covered in chalkboard so students can write on them. One of the corners of the coffee shop is where you order the drinks, and other snacks. They also have a few couches so people can sit and relax while they drink their oreogasams, a popular drink at Jitters.

Jitters normally has an event or two a week, ranging from live bands to an open mic night, all done by students at UW Whitewater. Whats really cool about Jitters, is that everyone who works at Jitters is volunteering, nobody gets paid. Having students want to give their time to help other students is a cool concept, that I don’t think a lot of campuses offer. Anyone can preform at Jitters, all you need to do is submit a request form that is found on the coffeehouses website.

I talked to Alex Merrit, the drummer of Within Our Eyes, he told me that the bad was formed last summer. They play metal core, and was excited to be the first of its kind to preform at Jitters. Having set the bar for future metal bands that will hopefully play in the future. Alex said that him and his band would love to play again at another Jitters event. This event had a good turnout, with people ranging from students, parents and siblings of people in the band. Its nice that everyone is welcome at a campus event, even non students. The band started off with an acoustic warmup, which is not something that you would expect from a metal band. This showed that the musicians are multitalented, and can preform more then one genre. After the acoustic set they then went into the metal, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.

The overall fell that I got from this event was good. Seeing students preform for students, as well as running the coffee shop shows just what talented students attend UW Whitewater. Being a commuter I don’t get to see a lot of campus events, but its nice to what talent UW Whitewater has to offer.


Budget Story

Gustavus Petykewicz, the mayor of Kittatinny released his budget today. With the decommissioning of one of two blast furnaces at the Susquehanna Steel Corporation, the town is in a bit of a struggle, and it shows in the budget.  Petykewicz stated that he “is well aware people will be upset, but Kittanity is in an ecumenic crisis” money that is brought in goes along with money that is spent.

The police are going to get hit the hardest with the new budget, as $54,763 is in the budget for a new police cruiser. The cruiser is a must because the old cruiser is at risk of breaking down at anytime. With the budget cut, the two newest police officers would be cut. Also in the budget is the cutting of the local police from 4A.M until noon, with that time being covered on a contract basis by Schuykill County sheriff’s deputies. Chief of police, Roman Hruska said he is willing to take a pay cut saying “I cant stand by and watch a city of this size be deprived by police protection, by a third of each day”. Petykewicz said that he would be willing to take a pay cut only if Hruska would also take one. Denelda Penyor, the president of Kittatinny City Council thinks that the cut in police protection is the biggest problem in the budget. Penyor suggests that a larger increase in taxes, going to five mills, about an increase of $100 a year for the average homeowner.

One of the items in the budget that townspeople will now receive a bill for is garbage. Garbage pickup is proposed to be taken off the tax levy and the charge will be added to the city water bill. This will be around $30 extra dollars a month. Parking meter fees will also be increased going from 10 cents per hour to 25 cents per hour. Parking permits for downtown parking will also increase from $65 dollars per year to $75 dollars per year. This increase is to help the city make more money without that big of a change.

The parks department also would like to purchase a new ridding mower and a weed removal vehicle for White Deer Lake, and a combination dump truck/snow plow for the city streets department. Petykewicz is really the only one that is in favor of the weed removal vehicle, as it an $100,000 investment. The vehicle is an unnecessary cost at this time, and can be bought during a better finical year.

Martha Mittengrabben, president of The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees(AFSCME) is not opposed to pay cuts. In the proposed budget AFSCME calls for two layoffs, one in the citys clerks office, and the other in the city engineer’s office. The AFSCME contract doesn’t set to expire until March 2017, but Mittengrabben stated “must be apart of shared sacrifice” and is willing to take a pay cut in order to help the city.

Overall Petykewicz budget does have a lot of cuts, and has a lot of changes for the town on Kittatiany. Keep in mind that this is just the proposed budget, and this will need to be approved and altered before it is final. Petykewicz stated that “his door is always open” and is willing to hear from his fellow townspeople. Im sure that they will want to voice their opinion.


Interview assignment

Most everyone will have a roommate at some point in their life, most people just don’t expect that they will have a famous person, or so they thought. I interviewed Steve Veloff, who had a roommate experience that was quite interesting. In the late 1980’s Steve got a new roommate that he was introduced to by his dad, and that roommates name was Kyle Disney, or so he said it was.

Kyle claimed to be the grandson of Walt Disney or in some way related. Steve said his first impression that he go when he met Kyle  “he seemed kind of embarrassed, not real forward about it, and kind of waiting to see how I would react.” Kyle had a lot of crazy stories and having the last name Disney was just the start of it. Kyle claimed to be born on a plane that was between the United States and England so that granted him dual citizenship.  After a while the stories keep growing any growing.

After knowing Kyle for some time, Steve started to notice that his stories were not quite adding up, and that their mutual friends would hear different stories from Kyle. Also Kyle would tell Steve to make sure he had his passport ready all the time in case they could fly someplace, in one of the Disney jets. Kyle would say that the Goofy jet or the Pluto jet would be in Madison, but fully thing is that they would always miss it. The jets would leave early, or the weather would be bad, or Kyle would feel sick so they couldn’t go. Steve said that Kyle would forget what stores he told, and would change up the story depending on who he was talking to.

One day Kyle got arrested, and not by Cops in uniforms but in suits, most likely detectives. Kyle got arrested on the weekend, and when Steve would call to find out what was going on the cops would say you mean the guy who goes under the alias of Kyle Disney? That is when Steve knew that there was most decently something fishy about who this guy really was.

The weird thing about Kyle was that he didn’t have stuff from his past, the only pictures that he had were backstage at Disney World where  Steve thinks he was a dancer. He didn’t have any other pictures, or books, or things from his childhood. Its like he only had new things that didn’t show his real past. Kyle also had a wallaby that he had as a pet, but he claimed it was a kangaroo. Having a kangaroo as a pet is illegal, but since Kyle had dual citizenship it was all okay. It was hard to figure out where Kyle was really from because he looked like he was from an island and had that asian look to him. Steve got a call on Kyle’s birthday one years from someone trying to sing happy birthday but it was not in english at all.

Steve moved out after about a year, and didn’t keep in contact with lyle at all. Kyle knew that Steve didn’t think he was who he said he was and knew he couldn’t get anything out of that relationship. Steve did hear that Kyle kept living in Madison even after a lot of people didn’t believe his stories anymore. You never really can know what you are getting into when you get a roommate. You might just end up living with someone famous, or so you thought.



My First Blog Post!

This is exciting, I have never had a blog before and am excited to be starting one. I am a Seahawks fan ( Yes I am a Packers fan too) but I was happy that the Seahawks won the game on Sunday.  Please stick with me on this blog as Im sure that it will be a little rough at first, but Im sure that it will get better. Here is the link to the Seahawks website in case you were interested. http://www.seahawks.com


Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs.uww.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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