Growing Forward

This semester for me have had its ups and of course downs but I got through it. I learned a lot about myself this semester. I learned that I am a strong, driven young lady that really lives like the sky is the limit. Working full time and also being a full time student can come with its struggles to say the least but its how you overcome those obstacles that mold you into the stronger person you will become in the future.


I have did a lot of changing this year and changing my blog style was one of the biggest things I changed this semester. I have had this blog for a little over a year now so to say that I’ve grown attached would be a understatement. I never thought that I would change it, because I lived by that saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” While changing it made me feel better for some odd reason. I loved seeing my blog in a new light and it made me reflect on when I first started this blog and how my outlook was like then being a sophomore, compared to now and be becoming a senior.

I made my blog more conversational because I have became comfortable with myself and I no longer have the fear of being judged anymore. I now invite my audience to chat with me instead of holding the conversation alone. I feel as though this action makes me seem more genuine and I want my audience to feel that way about me as a publisher. I’ve learned that I should be more visual with my blog as an whole. By putting pictures in my blog entries it makes the post more interesting and by posting pictures of myself, brings the “audience to publisher” connection to life.

All in all I am thankful that I learned so much just in one semester. The skills and the knowledge that I have gained will stay with me for the rest of my life. And for that I am truly grateful.

Twitter Fingers

In this day and age social media is widely used from people of all age ranges and backgrounds. So to say that there’s a lot of different personalities floating out there would be an understatement. At times we forget about our safety because we are behind a computer screen and we may feel impenetrable, but this is not the case at all.


You guys, crazy is out there so making sure we protect ourselves is very important.  Something to make you relax a bit would be Twitter’s new development. Andy Orin with Lifehacker posted an blog with information about Twitter’s new invention. Because of this invention you will be able to send multiple tweets while making a harassment report. Before you were only able to send one tweet at a time, and this didn’t  help in painting that picture of your harasser. Twitter is taking this situation more serious after being flooded with a string of threatening tweets and hey I don’t blame them.

What do you guys think? Do you think this new addition is a good one? Do you think it makes an difference?

To see Orin’s full blog press here


Keepin’ The Digital Age Under Control

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley recently accepted an award and had some very strong comments on the usage of information from journalists. The world we live in today is heavily dependent on technology and internet usage. Pellet made some very strong points about how the media and other reporters use information from third parties in his acceptance speech.


I agree with Pelley in many different ways. I believe that ALL journalists should double and triple check the information themselves before taking it public. I also feel as though the taking of information from other people and companies online needs to come to a very abrupt stop. By taking or borrowing information from other outlets put you and your brand at risks for possible credibility issues.

With everything being on social media these days, it makes it entirely easier to get information,  even though this may be tempting we need make sure we get the information ourselves. Stealing information can mess a person’s reputation up. We all as journalists need to be more careful in the information we share to the world. There is power in what we write and we all need to know that fact.

What do you guys think? Do we need to be more cautious of what’s out there, or have we been careful enough?

Better Posture Better Life

This month Andy Orin with Lifehacker posted an article about the importance of your posture. This article interested me as soon as I saw it, because it brought me back to when I was a kid and my mom used to tell me to “Don’t slouch before you grow a hump your back”.

neck pain

Being journalists we live inside the screens of our computers and phones. Whether if it’s for checking a social media site, updating blog, or even writing a story. We all have a long career with our computers ahead of us. So learning how to making the best out of our situations was very interesting for me to see.

Orin went into detail about how neck and back pains can be associated with slouching. Orin also gave some advice on how to avoid these things from happening in the future.

Have you guys have some crooks that came out the blue, or headaches that seems as though it won’t leave? This may be associated with recent slouching. This makes me think about how often I slouch and not even aware of it. What you guys think? Do you slouch? Do you even notice yourself  do it?

To find more of Orin’s blog press here

Tips On Social Media Dating

In today’s society social media is BIG! I mean bigger than BIG but you get the picture. As technology advances, so does the way we as people communicate. Online dating has been on an up-rise and it will continue to thrive for years to come. With online dating there is somethings you should know before going in blind. Patrick Allan with Lifehacker posted an article about the “DO’s” and “DONT’s” of a first date.

blind date

Allan goes into detail about how to keep the conversation going and how to not to forget your wallet. Allan gives some tips in how to make a first date become a second and maybe even a third.

We all have been there, awkward silence is not at all something that anyone wants to encounter. But every now and again, it happens so knowing some ways to wiggle out of the awkward situation can come in handy.

What do you guys think? Do you think you got this dating thing down pat or could you use some of these tips?

To see Allan’s full blog click here

Why do Gender Gaps Exist?

It is 2016 and yes we still have a gender pay gap! As foolish as it is it still exists. This month Kristin Wong had posted an article about the gap we have in today’s society. Women earn 75-80 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Wong also went into detail about the new research have been conducted that may suggest that some women with the same age, education, and years of experience as a man at their job may earn 94 cents to every dollar a man earns.

Even with a woman having the exact same qualities as a man there is still a pay gap. Why?! This is something I haven’t understood in the past and it is still something I do not understand to this day. There is really a problem with today’s society and it need to be addressed now rather than later.

America is known for “equality” yet women are still not getting what they truly deserve despite all of the rallies and movements that the women of our past endured. We are making progress that is true, but we still a LONG way to go.

What do you guy’s think? Is it a problem today? Should it be addressed? Why does this still happen?

To get Kristin’s full blog press here: Kristin’s Blog

Procrastination May Be A Good Thing After All

This month Stephanie Lee on Vitals shared an article about the benefits of just waiting 10 minutes before you make a final decision like eat that piece of cake or even call that annoying ex. Lee went into detail about how this 10 minute delay rule helps you with self-control and how this delay is treated like a “future reward” by our brains.



This article got me thinking about how many times I wish I had just waited that extra bit of time before making my mind completely up. I think we all have been a victim of making our minds up too soon once or twice in our very busy lives. Having so much on our plates at once can get overwhelming and at times we tend to think that everything have to happen right now! When in actuality it can be put off a bit.

Ladies think about how much money we all can save just by waiting until those shoes that you may wear only twice in you life to go on clearance. The savings that you all have from waiting can be used to get something else, like a shirt to go with those clearance shoes.

Fellas you are not off the hook! Waiting to get that new surround sound system in your man cave can benefit you in more ways than one. By not jumping the gun so fast it gives you a chance to compare prices to get the best deal in the end.

All in all its something to think about, if not try. Who knows it may just work for you!

To see Stephanie’s full blog press here: Steph’s Blog

Use it or Lose it!

Today Erin Ravenscraft posted a very interesting post on Lifehacker. Ravenscraft went into detail about the importance in using an ability you would like to keep as much as possible because it can be easily forgotten. He also went into detail in saying some things are better off forgotten than remembered.

This post intrigued me a little, well okay a lot! It ‘s interesting in how the human body works. Sometimes we do not give our bodies enough credit honestly. It makes me wonder about how long its been since getting on the bike. Would I fail miserably? Or would I succeed? Who knows I guess I have to go out and try huh? Either way I think imma’ find myself on a bike this weekend! Wish me luck!


What are some skills that you all rather not have and what are some you rather not live without?

To view Eric’s Blog here:

College in Prison

Today Matt Petronzio posted an article about inmates furthering their education while incarcerated. Petronzio continued to talk about the benefits that the inmates would have by furthering their education while locked up. One of the main reasons he used was that having an education would keep the inmates at home when they get released rather than back in a cell. schooljail0-1024x796

I enjoyed the post a bunch. I believe that this could help many people that are locked up because many get locked up in the first place because of an lack of education.   Receiving one while behind bars could teach the inmates that there are more things to life than the fast life, and ultimately this could make them a better, well rounded individual when they get out.

What do you guys think? Do you think that getting educated while behind bars hold benefits? What are they?

To access Petronzio’s full blog press here:

Pros of Technology

Lifehacker posted an article about the electronic devices we use today. The article goes in detail about what actually goes into those major electronic devices. In our world we live in today electronics play a key role in it. Without technology the world would seem to stop in some cases.

Just imagine going a week without your cell phone. How would your life be affected? Life would seem so incomplete would it?  That just goes to show how important technology is in our lives. Throughout the years technology has grown in more ways than one. Some of the best inventions to technology has happened within our life time. So just think about what technology would be like in the next 15 years. Mind boggling right? granny game

When you get to think about technology and just realize the change of it, it can become quite scary and exciting at the same time. Technology will continue to grow and I am excited to see the progress.

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