Here is my interview with Lynn Wilmer, owner of Cake and Bake bakery located in the heart of Germantown, Wisconsin. She was kind enough to give Webhawk news an informal interview about her love for baking and business. Enjoy!

Enjoy this piece about the upcoming Nearly Naked Mile Charity event, brought to you by the Event Planning Organization at UW-Whitewater. Enjoy!

Director of Germantown Community Library Roberta Olsen says the community library has successfully adapted to technology changes in readership and that online ebook rentals have skyrocketed.

As technology continues to evolve after the introduction of Nooks, Kindles, Droids and iPhones, the Germantown Community Library has begun expanding its own collections to meet the needs of its tech-savvy patrons.

Olsen says the library continues to implement and research new options to assist its patrons in receiving the information they want and need, including borrowing electronic books (ebooks) through the library’s website without ever stepping foot into the building and offering educational workshops for those who do not know how to work the latest gadgets.

“Libraries have, and always will be, a place to get information and expand your knowledge; that won’t change,” Olsen said. “But what will change is the format in which patrons are receiving this information, so we’re trying our best to adapt to meet those needs.”

Located on Mequon Road in Germantown, the community library has partnered with Wisconsin’s Digital Library to offer more than 30,000 ebooks available to check out online for any Germantown Community Library member. Checking out and downloading material from Wisconsin’s Digital Library requires a Germantown library card and unique access code.

According to the American Library Association’s Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study, the amount of libraries throughout the United States that have made ebooks available to its members nearly doubled over the past five years, climbing from 38% in 2007 to 67% in 2011. This increase also paralleled the skyrocketing sales of popular new reading devices such as the Kindle, Nook, iPad and other tablet computers.

Germantown Community Library Board of Trustees member Darlene Vosen says plans are also underway for additional technology classes at the library to assist patrons in managing not only their tablets, Nooks and Kindles, but also their smart phones and laptops.

“We can’t learn or teach everything all at once,” Vosen said. “But there are so many community members willing and wanting to learn about 21st century technology and where better to teach them than our library.”

For Mary Klumb, a resident of Germantown and member of the Germantown Community Library, using her Nook for borrowing and downloading books proves beneficial due to her frequent traveling.

“Because I can access the Germantown Community Library website from virtually anywhere, being able to check out new ebooks online when I’m out of town on business trips has made my life so much easier,” Klumb said. “I can also have multiple books on my one device rather than a briefcase full of books.”

Germantown resident, community library member and father of three, John Tindal, explains how ebooks are family friendly and claims he uses his library card more online than at the library itself.

“I love checking out books online,” Tindal said. “I no longer have to worry about dropping off books on a certain day or worry about my kids misplacing rented paperback books, it’s made a world of difference in our household.”


Sip, sample, stomp and repeat. Cedar Creek Winery, located in historic Cedarburg, Wis., gave local residents a reason to enjoy the end of summer at their 41st annual Wine and Harvest Festival.

*With more than 40 different arts, crafts, agricultural and local vendors, the free, family-orientated event was meant to help residents celebrate the fall season while they enjoyed live entertainment, ate locally produced food and sampled area wines from more than 12 nearby Wisconsin wineries.

Cedarburg Festivals Executive Director, Katie Hemani, said attendance at the 41st annual Wine and Harvest Festival, which took place Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday, Sept. 22, exceeded her expectations and has already made her “anxious to get the 42nd annual festival planning underway.”

“You never know what kind of turnout to expect,” Hemani said. “But this year the weather was beyond cooperative and it is obvious by the amount of vendors interested in participating year after year that the festival has gained popularity since years past.”

The festival was hosted by a family-owned winery, Cedar Creek Winery, located in Cedarburg, Wis.

Cedar Creek Winery manager, Jacob Hunnington, said the event was a great way for people to “develop a taste for the right wine,” as well as a variety of other products.

“This festival is always a great opportunity for individuals who don’t particularly know about wine or traditionally talk to wine makers, to try different things,” Hunnington said.

The festival also encompassed a mix of activities for both the adults and kids.

Those who attended the festival were not only able to sample local wines, but could also enter pumpkin carving contests, jump in an inflatable pumpkin house, sample local produce, shop at local vendor booths, create their own scarecrows, listen to live bands, see art exhibits from local artists and more.

Cedarburg resident, Jessica Viel, said she has lived in Cedarburg all her life and has never missed a Wine and Harvest Festival.

“They’re always changing the festival up,” Viel said. “One year is always so different from the next that you can’t help yourself from wanting to come back and try something new.”

Another area resident, Anna Grinder, of Jackson, said she attended the festival this year with her sister for her first time and couldn’t wait until next year.

“This event gives people the opportunity to try different wines and food without spending a whole lot of money,” Grinder said.

Admission to the festival was free and more than an estimated 4,000 people attended.

           Podunk Mayor, Louis Brandeis, was hospitalized Thursday after a traffic collision with an inattentive student who was admittedly texting while driving.
            When authorities arrived at the scene, 388 N. Main St., Brandeis had a cut on his face and told officers he thought his leg was broken. Justin Scalia, the 19-year-old Podunk State University student who hit Brandies, told officers he was unharmed and refused treatment. Brandeis was then taken to Podunk General Hospital.
            Nursing supervisor, Anna Bechstein, said Brandeis had surgery to repair a broken right knee but is expected to leave the hospital Friday morning with a cast on his right leg and crutches.
            Police officers say the accident occurred at 3:20 p.m. in downtown Podunk. According to witnesses, Scalia was headed south on Main Street and Brandeis was headed north when Scalia entered the northbound lane and hit the mayor’s vehicle. The collision caused the mayor’s vehicle to lose control.
            Officers said both cars were driving the speed limit, 25 mph, when the collision took place.
Police Chief Maryann Magarian said Brandeis’s vehicle then “spun around once and entered the sidewalk.” It hit the front of Henderson’s Hardware Store and shattered the display window.
            “The automobile impacted the front of the retail establishment at a considerable rate of speed,” Officer Travis Bickle said. Although numerous articles were scattered onto the sidewalk, no one on the sidewalk or in the store was injured.
            Officers recovered a smart phone from the passenger-side floor of Scalia’s automobile. “Analysis of the phone showed Mr. Scalia had been sending a text message at the time of the collision,” Magarian said. “The message was unfinished.”
            When officers questioned Scalia, he admitted he had been distracted while driving because he was sending a text message.
            Scalia was placed under arrest and taken to Podunk County Jail. A relative posted Scalia’s $500 bail, but he is expected to report to Podunk County Courthouse Friday morning.
            “I have been in contact with John Jacobson, the district attorney, who confirms that Mr. Scalia will be charged with inattentive driving,” Magarian said. However, Scalia could face more serious charges including causing bodily harm by negligent use of a motor vehicle.
            “This should send a message to everyone: don’t text and drive,” Magarian said. “If used improperly, that little phone can be a deadly weapon.”

In the summer following her senior year of high school, Melissa Guevara not only celebrated her graduation, but also welcomed the birth of her son into the world.

Born in Santa Clara, California, Guevara found out she was pregnant part way through her senior year of high school.

“My entire word turned upside down after I found out I was pregnant,” she said. “I had already been accepted, and had full intention, to go on to college at Arizona State University and study graphic design.”

Guevara was among the top twenty percent of students in her graduating class and had even acquired a series of scholarships throughout her junior year to help her pay for school.
She recalled some of her more trying experiences after the news of her pregnancy had circulated around school to some of her fellow classmates and teachers.“I didn’t want to cancel my plans for college, turn down scholarships I worked hard to receive, and end up as a single mother without a degree,” Guevara said.

“The comments that cut the deepest were those that made it seem like a baby would prevent me from accomplishing pretty much anything in my near future,” she said. She recollected on a specific instance in which one of her teachers said her “potential had been wasted.”

However, despite those who believed Guevara would not continue on to school, she had full support from her close friends and immediate family members to do so.

“While my friends were planning their graduation parties, I was planning my son’s baby shower,” she said. “I knew what I needed to do to make things work, and I chose to be motivated by the spiteful things others said.”

With an army of support, Guevara said the idea of becoming a mother became a little less daunting. Therefore, she decided to challenge her circumstances and indeed continue on to college, although closer to home, at Santa Clara University while living with her parents.

Although she initially intended to go to school for graphic design, she has since changed her major to elementary education, a degree she believes is much more fitting.

Guevara is currently a full-time junior in college, maintains a steady 3.5 GPA, successfully works part time at her University to help pay for her son’s needs, is a member of two organizations on campus, and is a single mother to her son, Owen.

“Having a son at 18 years old has been one of the most challenging adjustments I’ve had to make in my life; but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

My Favorite Past Time

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Hello everyone! If you had a chance to check out my “About the Author” section, you would already know that some of my favorite hobbies include fishing, being outdoors, baking, playing tennis with friends, and watching movies; but I seem to have forgotten adding “spending time on Pinterest” to the list!

For those of you who have never been on (or heard of) Pinterest before, it’s an awesome site that allows you to bookmark all of your favorite websites into one spot! However, don’t bother checking it out unless you promise to not get mad at me when it takes up a lot of your spare time!

When you find a website you enjoy and don’t want to forget, for example let’s say you stumble across a recipe you’d love to make in the future and don’t want to forget, Pinterest is for you! I have over fifteen boards for all sorts of things: clothes I’ve found on some of my favorite store’s websites, recipes I plan to make at some point in the future, ideas for my wedding in May, and so much more! If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth taking a peek at.

Here’s a link to my Pinterest boards if you want to see what it’s all about for yourself before signing up!