E Online Website Review

Eonline.com is a website that caters to the needs of the entertainment seeker.

The Eonline home page, taken at 7:50 pm on 11/25/12

The website consists of celebrity gossip, news, TV, photos, videos and more.

The structure of the main page contains a lot of visual images and headlines to grab the reader’s attention. The news is ordered depending on the popularity of the events.

The website’s structure aims to draw the reader in and allow for a wide variety of interests to be fulfilled. The other departments are more structured and orderly than the main page. These pages tend to be in either chronological order.

There is an abundance of breaking news in the entertainment world. This is necessary to report because people go to this website to be informed of current and breaking entertainment news.  When it comes to breaking news and top stories, Eonline.com will include it at the top of its main page, allowing for the readers to see it right away.

The eonline mobile site, taken at 8:00 pm on 11/25/12

The mobile site is more user-friendly because the site is more condensed. All of the same content still remains, but it is much more organized.  You can either go straight to the website itself or you can download the application, which will send you updates for major news events.

The social media strategy that eonline is using is to allow users to share articles and pictures. Reporters do not have their own pages linked to the site, but they do get credit for their articles. Eonline does not promote reporters’ social media sites.

Eonline.com’s revenue does not come from pay walls, but from advertisers who pay to have their product on the page. There are no records of revenue figures available online. Eonline.com does allow the reader to look up these figures for other things such as movies.

An example of a banner ad and an ad on the sidebar, taken at 8:09 pm on 11/25/12

Eonline is owned and updated by Entertainment Television Network, commonly known as the E! Network. They list all their TV shows on a separate page which allows viewers to find out when they can watch the show to get their celebrity gossip.

Multimedia is integrated by pictures, videos, and overlaying text.  When scrolled over, a picture will show information about the article it is linked to. Eonline.com uses their own proprietary media player. All multimedia is regulated through the Entertainment corporation.

Review and Judge is a site that ranks different websites.  It gives Eonline.com a popularity  score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and a “liked by Google” score of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

According to Stuart Elliot’s article on the Media Decoder of the New York Times, in summer of 2012 eonline.com introduced itself as a more advertisement friendly website.

“The E! Entertainment channel, which is introducing an extensive rebranding on Monday, will use the occasion to overhaul its Web site, presenting both content and display advertising in new ways that are meant to re-engage readers.”

There is no user-generated content or hyper-local content, as celebrities move about too often and gossip can happen anywhere.

An example of how to share articles, taken at 8:30 pm on 11/25/12

The content on eonline is shared freely. At the top of an article, there are options to like and share on Facebook, Tweet, share with Google Plus, and E-mail.

Since celebrity news is often incorrect, making corrections is quite common in the entertainment news world.  Therefore, when Eonline gets it wrong, they’ll update a story.

The site does not have aggregation because all the articles are written by Entertainment News Journalists. In their terms and conditions, eonline indicates what they are allowed to regulate when it comes to comments from the public.

Sources are not always reliable. Most of the information comes from journalists who know what they’re doing, how to do it, and how to do it right.

Overall, Eonline is a great website for people who need instant celebrity news.  However, it is a bit difficult to search through the jumble of gossip that is Eonline’s home page, but if it’s easier for E! to make money, then they’re doing the right thing.

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  1. Luke says:

    Hello Erin,
    Great review of Eonline. I am not sure if this is of interests to your readers but you could also include some technical analysis as well. For example there are a lot of images on Eonline that are missing ALT attribute which makes the website less accessible to users with disabilities. Also there are many HTML validation errors as well. Here is a full report http://iwebchk.com/reports/view/Eonline.com Just a thought.

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