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Everyone loves free music and rarely do people pay for music anymore. The last time I paid for music was because I got a free iTunes  gift card and that was years ago. I used to download music and then play it off of my laptop, which I still do on occasion, but mostly I use apps to stream my music. These are also free ways to listen to music. One of the apps that I use is called Spotify. Spotify has experienced some rapid growth and spread around the world, an is now available in 58 countries. The app has access to over 30 million songs.

Spotify makes money two ways. Ninety one percent of their revenue comes from subscriptions and the rest comes from adds. However you can still stream music for free on the app, which has caused a good deal of controversy in the music industry. Taylor Swift removed her music from the app, because of this. Spotify is reportedly up to $1.3 billion in revenue, which is up 45 percent from last year. However at the same time Spotify reported net loses of $197 million.


Despite Spotify’s losses and debate with the music industry, I don’t think Sopity will disappear any time soon. There are other apps like Pandora and SoundCloud that are like Spotify, but Spotify has continued to grow quickly and covers a very large area. Spotify is also reportedly working on adding video to the app. Even if Spotify does fade away there will always be some place to get free music, whether it is legal or not.



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We have all seen and heard what is going on in Baltimore. The riots and the protests and all the craziness there. I believe this is nonsense! Before they even finished the investigation there were riots and looting. Yes, the situation should have been handled differently. There is no reason his back should’ve been broken and he should not have been refused medical attention. That is very wrong and messed up and the media should be more focused on that. However why is the response to destroy your own town. How does that make any sense? There’s a difference between a protest and a riot. A protest would still get media attention and not make the entire city look like a bunch of idiots. How is breaking into stores and stealing alcohol, shoes, etc. going to help the situation at all. Also, this is not the biggest problem. Yes it still is a problem, but people shouldn’t be running around claiming it’s because he was black. Black on black shootings is a way larger number than black people being killed by the police. Yet still the only time we see this kind of outburst is when a police officer kills a black person. I do however respect the people who are standing up and cleaning up after the riots and the blocking the police from the protesters.

In this article President Obama talks about the situation in Baltimore. He said “…if our society really wanted to solve the problem, we could.” He says that everyone would need to see the problem. Everyone would need to know what’s going on and realize it’s a problem, not wait until businesses burn down. He says that it also shouldn’t take a young man’s spine getting snapped for people to pay attention. People should always pay attention. We should because we should care. I agree with this point. The media has been saying the reason this has gotten so out of control is because if this kind of thing didn’t happen people wouldn’t pay attention. I think this is partially true. Things like this happen way too often and go unnoticed, but I don’t think it takes riots and destruction to get attention.


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That’s right! If you have been on any form of social media in the last couple days you probably saw something about this topic. Everyone already is “in love with Chipotle” and talks about how much they love it. News came out that they now deliver and every form of social media is talking about this. I personally like Chipotle and wish there was one in whitewater. There also has been a debate of which is better, Chipotle or Qudoba. To be honest there is not much difference between the two, but I still prefer Chipotle. Their food tastes fresher and more flavorful for some reason.

This article talks about how they have just started this idea and it has been very popular. To me it’s no surprise that it has been so popular since Chipotle is a very popular fast food restaurant. The article also talks about how the delivery charges have been rather high, but it has not slowed their business down. I’m guessing the fee will go down with more demand. The article also mentions that Starbucks might begin to deliver as well. This would also be a very promising business move, and would absolutely blow up Twitter and Facebook. There would also be countless “basic” jokes. At the end of the article there was a video about fast food facts. One of the things I like about Chipotle is that it is healthy. You can get steak, rice, beans, and guacamole and have a healthy meal with protein, healthy carbs and fats.


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This story caught my eye because my Battalion (2nd Battalion 24th Marines) will do training in South Korea for part of the summer. Although we will not be doing anything that involves North Korea we will be practicing beach landings and other joint force military operations with Korean Marines. Every year when this happens North Korea decides to tighten up its military and usually launches off some artillery or rockets. Also, technically North and South Korea are still in a state of war. Seeing a story that involved North Korea caught my eye.

According to reports and photographs Kim Jong-un climbed North Korea’s highest mountain which is 9,000 feet tall. The article I didn’t think was put together that well because it didn’t give that much information. The problem might also have been the fact that there wasn’t that much to the story. It was also written very sarcastically. It mentioned that Kim Jong-un had climbed to the top of the mountain in his usual coat with no climbing gear what so ever. It also made several references to Kim Jong-un’s new hair cut, which seemed very irrelevant. There were several pictures included all with sarcastic captions on them. They also included an odd quote by Kim Jong-un, “Climbing Mt. Paektu provides precious mental pabulum more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon…”.





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I’m pretty sure most of you watched the National Championship NCAA Men’s Basketball game this last Monday. It was a very close game the whole time between two very evenly matched teams. Wisconsin beat the University of Kentucky, who were undefeated until then, the game before. Many were saying this should have been the Championship game. This game was very close until Kentucky fell apart at the end. Duke beat Notre Dame by 20 points, the game before. The National Championship was a very close game from the beginning, and was tied at half time. In the end Duke pulled out the win over Wisconsin.

This game was the most talked about National Championship basketball game yet. This article analyses and breaks down the social media activity of the game. Wisconsin with no surprise was the most talked about team. They also had the most talked about player Frank Kaminski.

Frank Kaminski was also Sports Illustrated’s player of the year. Wisconsin also gained the most fans throughout March Madness. Duke was the most on-campus talked about team while Wisconsin was the most talked about in Lucas Oil Stadium. Twitter, not surprisingly,  was the most used social media platform during March Madness. There are many more stats about social media use during the tournament. It is very interesting to see all this information collected and broken down, especially when I see some of the hashtags included in there that I used.


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Fast and Furious 7 was released this last week and was as big as expected, with “record-breaking global ticket sales”. Over $143 million in ticket sales was generated just in North America and over $240 million overseas. It was released in 14,009 theaters world wide. This film was of course also plagued with problems of course with one of the main characters, Paul Walker, dying before they finished filming. Not only did this movie make a lot of money in sales, but it could boost many other movies sales from that many people seeing previews for future movies.

This was a very interesting article to me. I have watched all the Fast and Furious movies and have enjoyed them all. They are filled with action, fast cars, beautiful women, and all the things most guys love to see in a movie. Also, this interests me because my major is broadcast, and I really want to get into the movie industry. This article was very interesting and talked not only about the movies success, but about the problems they ran into, and even about Paul Walker. It is a good read.



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This article talked about two new social media sites. The first is Meerkat. Meerkat allows you to make live video streams and puts them on your twitter. The app is connected to Twitter. So when you start a stream a link is put on your Twitter feed. This allows people following you on Twitter and anyone who sees the link to watch the live video broadcast. People can comment on the video and their comments will come up on the video. You are also able to schedule a video. You can set the broadcast for a certain time and it will start a live broadcast at the scheduled time. It will also send out a tweet with the link, at the time you schedule it so people know when to watch the stream.

I personally don’t see this becoming the next big social media. It sounds kind of cool, but it has some problems. The video is delayed and displays in a weird way when you try to watch your own video while it is streaming. The other social media site it talked about was Stre.am which is pretty much the same as Meerkat. There are also a few other sites that already do pretty much the same thing as Meerkat. I don’t see any reason why this site is so different from others and don’t see why it will get so popular.



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This article was interesting since we’ve been talking about websites and audiences. We all know parents discovered Facebook and have all added their kids. The average age for Facebook has gone up significantly. This has caused the younger generation to shy away form using it. They’d rather not have their parents or another family member comment on everything they do or be able to see everything they post. Snapchat now has the largest growth rate of any social media site at 57% and they have a much younger audience.

This article discusses all of this. It goes into depth of why Snapchat is leading in growth. It talks about why they are doing so well and that other platforms might want to follow their method. This is a good article and gives some interesting information on why and how to get the right target audience and how to grow.



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Every time I see the news on TV or a website I almost always see sometime new about ISIS. I can’t believe they haven’t been crushed yet. They are quickly taking over more and more land and are brutally murdering westerners. It’s disgusting that this has been allowed to go on as long as it has. They are not well trained and could easily be stomped out. How many more people need to die because this terrorist group wants to go around horribly murdering anyone they don’t like.

This article does not reference anything about ISIS, but it looked exactly like what they’ve been doing. The article is about a man born in Bangladeshi who was also an American citizen. He was brutally hacked to death by two men with machete, at a book fair. His wife remains in critical condition.  Avijit Roy, was a author and blogger who condemned religious extremism. Because of this he was brutally murdered. This immediately made me think about ISIS, because they have been doing similar things. They have beheaded many western journalists, simply because of their culture. This goes to show that despite the fact that we have the freedom of speech you still have to be careful what you do and say.




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This was a great article talking about how journalism has changed for the better. It starts off talking about how most people see the downfall of journalism. They only see how papers are going out of business and it seems like journalism is fading out. It then goes into talking about citizen journalism which we have learned about in several classes. It talks about how people can take a picture of something write a quick caption and then share it all over the internet. This is not a bad thing. It is not bad for journalism, but actually good. It also discusses briefly if citizen journalism is really journalism.

It gives a very good example of citizen journalism. Russia has been denying claims that they are launching rockets into Ukraine. This has been proven to be false by citizen journalism. People have gone out and taken pictures and posted them and what they have seen as evidence. They found burn marks, blast craters, and visual sightings of Russian vehicles. This is then used to track the movement of Russian Troops. I thought this was a very cool use of citizen journalism.


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