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Oct 30 2016

Social Media, Stress, and Politics

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pollingElection season is here and almost everyone is sick of hearing about it. For active social media users, the election coverage and conversation is constantly in our face. In an article by David Cohen for SocialTimes, the amount of frustration and stress that this election is causing is dissected. David Cohen presents a Pew Research Center report about social media users, the election coverage, and how these two relate.

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Oct 19 2016

Newspapers: Printed vs Online

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It seems obvious to people these days that the newspaper industry got something wrong when it comes to the modern internet age. The transition from printed content to web content has led to the downfall or downsizing of many reputable newspapers. In a blog post by Steve Buttry, the determination of the error which caused these problems is argued. Buttry claims that the mistake made by the newspapers was not the pouring of money into this transition or a “digital first” strategy” as some have argued but the failure to embrace the change completely and not going far enough in this pursuit. He claims that this “digital first” ideology or strategy never actually existed. Continue Reading »

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Oct 16 2016

Young People and News Consumption

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In a blog post by Terry Heaton, he discusses new research that finds that young people actually prefer to read their news rather than watch it. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of people from different age groups to uncover their news consuming habits.pewresearchagebrack The most surprising find from this study was the discovery that the age group of 18-29 year olds like to consume news via reading over watching. Terry Heaton argues that this occurs for two reasons (both tied to advertising and video.) Ads on video both slow down the consumption of the news and contributes to the annoyance of the young viewer – and probably all viewers, really. Continue Reading »

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Oct 09 2016

Blog Design Changes

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Based on some of the information I have gained through learning about website design has led me to make three simple, yet important changes to this blog. First, I have introduced a few changes to benefit the usability of this blog. A search bar has been had at the top of the side panel. Search bars are a necessity for blogs and it is hard to believe I had never added one up to this point. Another change I have implemented is the introduction of a category section. I have broken down my blog into three categories based on the content I have (and will) be writing about. These categories should help with the navigation of this blog. The last change I made was a more cosmetic one but still necessary, in my opinion. The look of my blog needed to be update to something more fitting of the content that I have been producing. Emulating other tech/esports sites, I have changed the theme and removed the unnecessary header image that did not match the content.

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Sep 18 2016

Three Interesting and Useful Blogs

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  1. VentureBeat

VentureBeat’s greatest strength is in the variety of content that they discuss. VentureBeat explores tech news in all realms from sports to economics. It plays to this strength by pushing out a lot of news and staying relevant in the conversation. VentureBeat tries to build its audience through the use of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Surrenderat20

Surrenderat20 is a very useful blog for those interested in League of Legends. Surrenderat20’s greatest strength is the technical information they produce especially the information regarding patch changes and updates. It plays to this strength by being one of the first blogs/websites to break update and patch news. Surrenderat20 uses this “first to break the news” strategy to build and maintain its audience. Surrenderat20 also effectively uses sites like Reddit to build its audience.

  1. VG247

VG247 is a blog dedicated to nothing but videogame news. VG247’s strength is exactly that; its focus on one subject matter and nothing else. It plays to this strength through the use of multiple sections that breakdown the type of videogame or console, so the reader can more narrowly dissect the blog’s information. VG247 builds its audience through the use of comment sections as well as social media.

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