Dec 15 2016

Blog Design Summary and Wrap-up

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Over the course of this semester I have made several design changes to this blog based on the things I was learning in this class. I had to alter a few as they did not mesh well with the design and/or content but I believe that all these design changes have led to a more readable, user-friendly blog that is worthy of readership.

I have updated my About page, I have changed the blog theme to better suit the content (making it more similar to news sites with generous white space and use of the color blue), I have added “read more” tags to my posts to avoid overwhelming readers with blocks of text, I added several usability features such as a search bar and better categorization of my posts, and I have updated/changed the title of my blog to an one more suiting of the content and less of one that screamed “written by a student for assignments.”

It is my belief that all of these design changes have really helped with the overall look and navigation of my blog.

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