Dec 11 2016

This Year on Facebook

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2016 was a strange year for the news. A lot of interesting, and shocking, things happened and Facebook was the center of a lot of the conversations as it usually is. In a recent article published on Adweek, they break down the top 10 subjects that were discussed on Facebook over the course of 2016. Some of the things on this list includes Pokemon Go, the Olympics, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Not surprisingly, the 2016 presidential election was the most talked about subject on Facebook this year. The article by Adweek does not say whether this includes the proliferate amount of fake news stories about both candidates. Even without the fake news stories, the amount of discourse that I saw during the election makes this topic an obvious number one on this list. Again, the article does not provide specific numbers, but I would hazard a guess that the election discussions heavily beat all the rest on this list Рby a landslide.

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