Nov 20 2016

New Kind of Ads coming to Facebook

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In an article on SocialTimes, Marty Swant examined a new type of advertising that will be coming to Facebook. This advertising utilizes user’s news feeds to deliver advertising to the masses. For now, the ads are only being tested by a brands Michael Kors and Lowe’s but more are set to join the tests later on.

Despite the irritation that advertising tends to cause users, I understand their necessity. For websites to remain functional, the websites need to be generating revenue. A minor inconvenience  is a small price to pay for access to a social network. These advertisements do not look to be intrusive and are easily ignored. I think that putting up with a few advertisements is a much better option than having to pay some sort of subscription fee.

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One Response to “New Kind of Ads coming to Facebook”

  1. Kyleon 20 Nov 2016 at 11:54 pm

    It’s funny how views of this change over time…for me anyway. I used to feel the same way as you about ads. Now, I prefer to avoid them, if possible, but not at the cost of someone’s income. If there was a way to pay a monthly fee to experience an ad-free Internet, I would be very interested in that….but, as always, it comes down to pricing, right 🙂

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