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Oct 02 2016

Dream Journals: A new way to blog?

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Everyone has dreams. I don’t mean your goals or aspirations; I mean the kind you experience while you are asleep in your bed. Depending on your memory and the vividness of the dream, these stories created by your restless brain can be terrifying or fascinating. An article in The Verge describes how someone can take these experiences and share them with the world through a new mobile app.



These is a relatively new app that allows people to write down their dreams and publicly share them in a form that resembles a blog. Dream Journal Ultimate, released on Aug. 30, has created a new form of blogging. Dream recaps can be read by complete strangers – although it should be mentioned that the poster can set any dream to private. Dream entries can also have an age limit setting for those more intimate, violent, or downright disgusting dreams. Continue Reading »

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