Oct 30 2016

Social Media, Stress, and Politics

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pollingElection season is here and almost everyone is sick of hearing about it. For active social media users, the election coverage and conversation is constantly in our face. In an article by David Cohen for SocialTimes, the amount of frustration and stress that this election is causing is dissected. David Cohen presents a Pew Research Center report about social media users, the election coverage, and how these two relate.

Not surprisingly, 59% of respondents said they felt stressed when interacting with those they disagree with politically on social media. A majority felt that they didn’t seem to know people (who they discover have different political views than them) as well as they thought. Overwhelmingly, social media users actively avoid interacting with users who they don’t agree with politically.


This report struck me as incredibly accurate from my own experiences. Political conversations are almost unavoidable; they are part of a national discourse. Typically, I try to avoid political conversations as much as possible – even ones that I agree with. I have seen a lot of angry, misguided comments and I try to steer clear of all that. Our age group, not only is the most active on social media, is typically seen as the most politically charged. But, as this report suggests, being political and active socially is a huge stressor.

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