Oct 19 2016

Newspapers: Printed vs Online

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It seems obvious to people these days that the newspaper industry got something¬†wrong when it comes to the modern internet age. The transition from printed content to web content has led to the downfall or downsizing of many reputable newspapers. In a blog post by Steve Buttry, the determination of the error which caused these problems is argued. Buttry claims that the mistake made by the newspapers was not the pouring of money into this transition or a “digital first” strategy” as some have argued but the failure to embrace the change completely and not going far enough in this pursuit. He claims that this “digital first” ideology or strategy never actually existed.

I found Buttry’s claims to be incredibly accurate and close to my own assumptions. Even today, newspapers seemingly devote more energy, time, and resources in developing content for their printed versions than they do for their websites. Some newspapers, for example the Daily Jefferson County Union, have yet to embrace pleasing web design. News in print still has its audience, but newspapers have failed to attract the online readership that they hope for. Online versions are almost shadows of their printed versions and can not be expected to attract a generous audience.

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  1. Kyleon 20 Oct 2016 at 12:51 am

    Even if they get a large audience, the website is not likely to generate the same amount of revenue as the newspaper does. This is more a business problem than an audience problem. The audience is there and larger than ever, but making money from that audience is the problem.

  2. Jason Howarthon 21 Oct 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Print may be on the decline, but it is still at least a decade from being completely faded out. The printed versions may be replaced, but they won’t even be absolutely obsolete. This is especially true in smaller, rural markets were a paper is often the only source of information in those communities. That combined with the limited staff on such papers and it’s no surprise that while the web is the future, it can’t be the sole focus for news outlets. The industry as a whole is merely going through growing pains.

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