Oct 09 2016

Blog Design Changes

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Based on some of the information I have gained through learning about website design has led me to make three simple, yet important changes to this blog. First, I have introduced a few changes to benefit the usability of this blog. A search bar has been had at the top of the side panel. Search bars are a necessity for blogs and it is hard to believe I had never added one up to this point. Another change I have implemented is the introduction of a category section. I have broken down my blog into three categories based on the content I have (and will) be writing about. These categories should help with the navigation of this blog. The last change I made was a more cosmetic one but still necessary, in my opinion. The look of my blog needed to be update to something more fitting of the content that I have been producing. Emulating other tech/esports sites, I have changed the theme and removed the unnecessary header image that did not match the content.

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