Sep 18 2016

Three Interesting and Useful Blogs

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  1. VentureBeat

VentureBeat’s greatest strength is in the variety of content that they discuss. VentureBeat explores tech news in all realms from sports to economics. It plays to this strength by pushing out a lot of news and staying relevant in the conversation. VentureBeat tries to build its audience through the use of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Surrenderat20

Surrenderat20 is a very useful blog for those interested in League of Legends. Surrenderat20’s greatest strength is the technical information they produce especially the information regarding patch changes and updates. It plays to this strength by being one of the first blogs/websites to break update and patch news. Surrenderat20 uses this “first to break the news” strategy to build and maintain its audience. Surrenderat20 also effectively uses sites like Reddit to build its audience.

  1. VG247

VG247 is a blog dedicated to nothing but videogame news. VG247’s strength is exactly that; its focus on one subject matter and nothing else. It plays to this strength through the use of multiple sections that breakdown the type of videogame or console, so the reader can more narrowly dissect the blog’s information. VG247 builds its audience through the use of comment sections as well as social media.

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