The American Dream


I grew up in the small city of Oconomowoc, which is in-between Madison and Milwaukee. Everybody always claimed there was nothing to do until they got the best birthday gift for their 16th birthdays, freedom. Even when we got our license, we were too scared to drive on the highway so driving around Oconomowoc until your gas was drained became everyone’s new hobby. Looking back now at the age of 21, Oconomowoc was a great place to grow up. It was close enough to two major cities where you got exposed to the early understanding of diversity yet Oconomowoc was a small enough city where you had close-knit relationships with friends and neighbors.

My parents raised my brother and I in a great neighborhood home that was up the street from the park.  We spent most of our summer days on the baseball diamond, playing pick up games with neighborhood friends. Our lives revolved around baseball. My family is united by the love and passion we all share for baseball. My brother is two years older than I am and was born with a severe hearing loss, but doctors didn’t diagnose it until he was 4 years old. Having a severe hearing loss put a strain on what activities he felt comfortable with as a child. Baseball is one of the few team sports where you don’t need to hear plays being screamed from the sidelines or from a teammate. My brother and I both started playing at a young age and it was something we could do together and enjoy for the rest of our lives. When I was in fifth grade, I played baseball with all the boys. Yes, it is exactly how you’re picturing it right now. Fifth grade was the age where the boys still could talk to you without being made fun of but yet they didn’t understand you’re a girl and you need to bring down the force, speed, and gross outbursts. Well, sometimes my brother would fill in when we needed someone (it was illegal because he was two years older) but that’s a different story.  I remember he would always bat after me and smash the ball. Now believe me that would be a great thing if only I wasn’t on base and had to try to run like a cheetah so he wouldn’t over run me.

Since my family has a deep obsession with baseball, we follow the Milwaukee Brewers… and yes I mean physically as well. We have been to several MLB stadiums all over the United States and when we have the availability, the Fischer’s will pack up and follow the Brewers when they are on the road. This past summer, we spent a few days in San Francisco watching that series and then headed up to Seattle to see the Brewers play there again. Although we are huge Brewer fans, we missed the memo that it was going to be 50 degrees in San Francisco this summer and froze at the game so we had a shopping spree in the Giant’s team store for sweatshirts and blankets. I don’t think the Brewer gods will forgive us for that.

My family goes to spring training almost every year in Arizona to cheer on new talent and watch our favorite players prepare for another fun year.  It’s nice to share this passion with my family because we are always building new memories. Everyone knows I have my own personal passion for Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper is a twenty-year-old outfielder and plays for the Washington Nationals and he is perfect. The Nationals are my second favorite team so you bet I about died and broke my TV when they lost to the Cardinals in the 2012 NLDS. Everyone in the baseball world knows the Cardinal’s have the worst fans. If you’re going to lose, fine but please don’t lose to the Cardinals.  I know they cheated (always do), I’m sure of it, but I’m still trying to figure out how.

All of the memories I share with my family will always be held close to me. Baseball is a wonderful sport that we all share a passion for. Go Brewers and go Nationals!