Well, it is the end of the semester (almost). So it is time for a quick recap of what I found most helpful over the semester, my top 3:

1. SEO

2. Monetization


Coming in at number 1 is SEO. I may have took this topic a little more seriously than my other class mates. For those who do not know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the practice of optimizing the content and your sites code to be easily crawled and detected by Google and other search engine’s algorithms. Good SEO will incorporate a huge ray of different tactics and bad SEO will get you penalized online and then you are really in trouble.


At number 2 is monetization, which is important for any young journalist (or anyone, really) who is looking to financially make some profit from the content and readership they have. More importantly, it isn’t just all about the content or the readership but the information that you can offer to advertisers that really turns the profit. Obviously there are some ethics questions that go along with this process, like what information will you sell? And how much will sell it for? Or do you decide to not do the advertising route? And go the route of a paywall, which has its benefits and not benefits.


Last, but absolutely not least, Comments. Comments are an important thing to every journalism-like website. Comments keep the discussion going and with out the ability to comment I wonder how two-way communication takes place with journalists. I think it is interesting that some organizations go without doing comments, or some just let their comment section run a muck with trolls. It’s a fine line to walk, but a very long process to keep that line painted nicely.


Blog Change

The biggest changes to my blog all semester were theme style changes. I changed my theme over the course of the semester three times. I think it could easily be classified as my battle with conformity and simplicity. The current theme I am using is way cleaner than the Color Pencil and UWW Theme. I was really a fan of it for the Warhawks Writers blog, so I finally decided to incorporate it on my blog instead. I think one of the critical factors to this theme though is utilizing and optimizing your sidebar widgets. Definitely should not have repeat widgets on it.


Thanks for reading my blog this semester,

“you stay classy (insert your city here)”




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