I remember in 2012 at J.F.K International Airport a girl in the National Geographic Student Expedition group I was in asked if I had Snapchat yet. Replying that I had not had it yet, she laughed at me and said that it was an up and coming app. I downloaded it, but I didn’t really see what was so great about it- I didn’t really care for it, it was too involved. A few months later the Midwest had been invaded by Snapchat and it began to take off. Snapchat has evolved and really built itself as a content hub.

Fast forward to 2016 Snapchat has evolved and built itself as a content hub.

An analysis


Snapchat boasts several things on their advertising page

  • “Snapchat is the best way to reach 13 to 34 year-olds.”
  • “More than 60% of U.S. 13 to 34 year-olds smartphone users are Snapchatters”
  • “8+ Billion Videos plays every day on Snapchat.”

I think these numbers are impressive. And do to the nature of Snapchat, Snapchat will have a very very interesting relationship with these demographics in the future.

If you want to learn more about Snapchat go here.

My prediction


Snapchat has a very nice fence on its portion of the market. I don’t see Snapchat losing any popularity soon. While Snapchat has become more commercialized it still retains that genuine Snapchat vibe. If you have been using it since 2013 you know what I mean. The only big threat to Snapchat is a new video interaction app, which in the Social Media realm we see very little knock off apps steal large market shares. All Social Media apps have to be original and different in the fine details, otherwise, why would you bother?

Overall, Snapchat will continue to expand into 2018 making strategic partnerships and brand deals.


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