You spent time developing some multimedia content and now your organic reach is less than you projected. A huge hit for those in the Social Media Marketing landscape. Recently HubSpot posted a blog about how the algorithm’s for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram work and some tips for those looking to improve their reach! I found some of these tips really helpful, here is my top three need to knows! (While it is all important.)

Coming in at #1,

Relevancy Score, Facebook


You’ve heard it before, “I have 3,000 likes, that is a good reach.” Sorry, but you’re wrong, because of special options added into filter information out of your feed some can “Like” and “Hide Content.” Throwing changing of algorithms in, to better serve the user experience, users are able to help select which content they’d like see first! If your content is behind in “The Queue” your possible reach is going to be much less.

At #2,

Show Me The Best Tweets First


HubSpot made sure to clarify Twitter’s real-time feel isn’t going away. But this shows a huge need for Social Media Marketers to remember to interact and engage with their audience. After all, this algorithm is focused on the user’s interests, so if you get them to engage them with you I bet it could absolutely help your engagement.

Last, but not least by any means, #3,

Instagram Feed Update


Noted as the newest to content curating Instagram. HubSpot also sourcing an Instagram employee saying that it is about a user’s personal experience. I really agree with their second thought, that ” Posts you regularly engage with will come up more regularly.” It seems to make sense, I feel this is a really basic way to gauge relevancy.

There you have it, my top three… Thank you, HubSpot!

HubSpot continues to provide incredible insightful looks into the digital landscape. I suggest you consider following them in your RSS feed to get daily content to improve your Marketing game!  For me as a young digital marketer, it provides updated industry theories and thought direction.



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