Social media has become widespread through out first world  and developing countries. Businesses have picked it up as a communications vehicle to their followers and champions of their brand. Is it here to stay? It has obviously become a huge marketing tool for companies.

social media

Unfortunately, I think eventually we will find a time when we are “social media’d out.” Let me explain, social media is truly a collective effort like most things. Think about it, it only works if people are using it and interacting. If someone posted a video and it received no likes, comments, retweets, or shares then what would be the point? Will people get tired of checking into others lives and just focus on themselves? Will we see this from our generation? Possibly. But I think more so in the generations below us.

Facebook and Twitter are already less popular with high school age youth. It is about Instagram, Snapchat, and Peach(maybe). Maybe social media will just evolve and continue to be popular, but I am curious to see what the next new thing is.


I like what social media has done for the world, but at the same time it has come with some very very large trade offs. So I think there needs to be some proper “education” about social media for youth. It is easy to get sucked up into the world of connectivity, but people tend to forget about the “world of yourself.”

What do you think?



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