During an acceptance speech, Anchor and Managing Editor at CBS News Scott Pelley, reflects on American Journalism and the challenges that are to come. Pelley shares his insights on the wisdom of Fred Friendly’s phrase, ” If you are first people will forget, but if you are wrong people will never forget.” He says that […]

You spent time developing some multimedia content and now your organic reach is less than you projected. A huge hit for those in the Social Media Marketing landscape. Recently HubSpot posted a blog about how the algorithm’s for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram work and some tips for those looking to improve their reach! I found […]

Social media has become widespread through out first world  and developing countries. Businesses have picked it up as a communications vehicle to their followers and champions of their brand. Is it here to stay? It has obviously become a huge marketing tool for companies. Unfortunately, I think eventually we will find a time when we […]

Whether you like it or not electronic sports  or eSports are here and there are huge! You maybe not think of video games as a sport, that’s cool. But when a whole football or soccer stadium is filled with hundreds of thousands of fans all rooting for geeks at the computer or console, who are […]