Recently Facebook unveiled their Reactions, which is essentially an updated “like” button.  There are six of these new buttons. I think they are kind of neat to be perfectly honest. But at the same time I don’t really like them, heres why.


Supposedly these reactions are suppose to increase interaction and is a better representation than just liking some post or video. However, I feel that these reactions have replaced many comments that would ensue on videos. Why would someone write, “wow that was awesome,” when not they can just click on the wow reaction.

Now of course there are people who will comment, as well as there are people who would just hit like and not comment either. But for the most part the reaction leads most  away from commenting Just an example, I know the article is relatively new but here is an interesting post. It has been read, shared, reacted to, with relatively little comments

.Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.52.44 PM

I am not trying to be some one who is hating new trends in technology. I think the like button has become outdated and that there needed to be more. I just didn’t think about the consequence of having more than a “like” button could bring about.

I am sure on a business side of things it has become easier to determine whether the video or post had performed its job or not. The reaction buttons practically categorize who reacted in what way. Super convenient so some social media manager doesn’t have to read through every comment to get the gist of it. Especially with the ability to be mad at something. Genius.

Obviously there are pro’s and con’s to every new thing. As I have been writing I discovered : Some things call for comments some call for reactions, its all good.

If you want to join my camp of thought you can, or have your own camp, tell me about it in the comments.


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