eMarketer reports that by 2017, more than half of U.S. digital consumers will use a phone to make a purchase. Could content marketing make a healthy contribution to this? I think so…

But first just some background, this trend isn’t all that new as companies have been trying to make an entirely new point of sale than tradition has dictated. And this has been going on for a while now.

It wasn’t till 1994(the year I was born) that the first online transactions with Pizza Hut as an example. Recently, Forrester Research estimated that the United States online shopping industry business will be worth $279 billion dollars and that was 2015. A more recent study they did projects $480 billion by 2020.


How are those numbers possible? Well…

Companies are finding ways to keep customers engaged with their brands. A lot of these engagements are through brand positioning, awareness building, and content. And after all, “Content is King,” my professor once said to me.

A study performed by The Content Council highlighted that 55% of consumers find content attractive and would most likely buy the products or services discussed in the content.


Now I Think it will matter what form of delivery and what type of content is being created. In a previous blog, I discuss how by 2019 video will contribute to the most user traffic on the internet.  So I don’t think it is crazy to say that most content that will generate sales will be video related.

Since most people are using some type of mobile device and are connected what seems to be 24/7, video, seems to make sense. It’s is easier to view on these smaller screens than it is to read after all is said and done.

For some, it is convenience or maybe that product is only available online. But at the end of the day what drives people to view products and click buy, might be what is hiding inside your content marketing strategy.



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