By 2019 approximately 80% of consumer online consumption will be video reports Cisco in a new report. To me, I feel like I watch a lot of online videos already as a majority of my content consumption.

So will video overtake written content? Let’s discuss it.

I specifically have grown fond of is the news organization NowThis. The  slightly longer than or shorter than 60-second videos have a mixture of images, video, sound, and words. Saying to me way more than an article with maybe 3 pictures.

Now This video

I do believe this trend and organization model will continue to grow amongst news organizations. Why?

  • It is an incredibly interactive way to distribute news.
  • Although people generally scan through an article a video has the ability to capture and hold attention.
  • Video production is way easier to do now-a-days.

There are even several apps that allow you to record and edit videos right on your smartphone. Which has made things like CNN iReport have that much more of a “professional” vibe.

On this note of a vibe, the vibe of social media has become “never leaving the timeline. ” So by news organizations pumping short videos into timelines, the viewer does not have to leave to go to another page to view content. Which makes your life easier and mine!



I’m looking forward to seeing if video  content will overtake traditional content. I suspect the change will be slow and gradual as we move through a generation who still prefers to read article-style content.

If the change does occur we may see another crisis in the newsroom, but I suspect instead that newsrooms sizes could grow because of this. Perhaps video and traditional content  could live side by side.

Only time will tell.



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