¬†eMarketer reports that by 2017, more than half of U.S. digital consumers will use a phone to make a purchase. Could content marketing make a healthy contribution to this? I think so… But first just some background, this trend isn’t all that new as companies have been trying to make an entirely new point of […]

First things first, you probably noticed a new header. I would like to call it artistic expression. Obviously my blog does not contain any advertisements but I thought it would be funny as most websites you visit now a days contain sometime of banner ad. The new header also serves a second purpose. For example, […]

By 2019 approximately 80% of consumer online consumption will be video reports Cisco in a new report. To me, I feel like I watch a lot of online videos already as a majority of my content consumption. So will video overtake written content? Let’s discuss it. I specifically have grown fond of is the news […]

The definition of a unique viewer has become a huge hub of discussion. Especially since the viewer today has a multitude of options on how they will view content. Being able to boast about xx-thousand unique viewers has sway on unique opportunities for journalistic websites (and others) otherwise not reachable. So why is this important? […]