06/12/05 Palo Alto – Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animations, told the Stanford graduating class of 2005, including some of the world’s young brightest minds, “stay hungry, stay foolish.” The 50-year-old CEO shared just three stories from his experience as a young college student, as a young entrepreneur, and his […]

Student organizations looking to gain a place at the 13-slot roster for UW-Whitewater’s Homecoming 2015 Variety Show auditioned today in the James R. Connor University Center. The Variety Show is an event in which student organizations compete against each other in a chosen category in either dance/lip-sync, novelty skit, or a live musical performance for […]

(10/11/15) Kittatinny, Pennsylvania – Mayor Petykiewicz delivered his budget proposal to the City Council to be ratified in time to sign into law by Dec. 1st, 2015. The change in the budget will affect property taxes and impact civil services provided to Kittatinny residents. “I think the main thing I’m troubled by is the cuts […]