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Two Warhawks take full advantage of Senior Night

February 13, 2017 – 1:58 am
Senior Reilly Stewart (#3) led Warhawks with 11 points

Senior Reilly Stewart (#3) led Warhawks with 11 points

The 24th ranked UW-Whitewater women’s basketball defeated the UW-River Falls Falcons this Saturday on Senior Night. The Warhawks (19-4, 9-3 WIAC) snapped a two game losing streak with the 57-37 victory behind the strength of their defense, 27 forced turnovers, and the emotional boost they received from their two seniors, Reilly Stewart and Andrea Olsen.

Olsen, despite not being able to play due to an injury suffered in the preseason, made an impact before the game even started when she took over the mic and sang the Star-Spangled Banner to start the game. Warhawks head coach Keri Carollo thought Olsen’s performance carried over to the game.

“[An]Drea did a great job and really gave us that lift right at the start.” Coach Carollo said postgame.

Right after tip off the other senior, Reilly Stewart, picked up right were Olsen left off. Stewart scored eight points, registered two assists and hit two three pointers in the first quarter as the Warhawks took an 18-12 advantage. Stewart finished the game with a team-leading 11 points, three assists and two steals.

“That’s what seniors do, they step up and when you need them the most they can hit shots and get great defensive stops. I’m really proud of Reilly, she wasn’t feeling well today but she stepped up and got it done for us.” Coach Carollo talked about the difference Stewart made.

Fans were greeted by a sea of pink as they entered Saturday’s game because it wasn’t only for the seniors. It was also Play4Kay day. Play4Kay is an organization dedicated to raising funds to benefit women’s cancer research. The organization is named after former North Carolina State head women’s basketball coach Kay Yow, who passed away in 2009 after her third bout with breast cancer. All proceeds collected from ticket sales, t-shirt sales and raffle sales were donated to the organization and if you would like to donate you can click the link at the bottom of this article. UW-Whitewater also honored four cancer survivors at halftime.

Saturday’s game was very important for the Warhawks who were on a two-game skid entering the contest. During the two-game skid the Warhawks shot a combined 37-137 (27 %) from the field and lost the two games by a combined 38 points. The Warhawks played Saturday’s game with more effort and more intensity than the previous two and UWW-TV’s Adam Reed thought that had something to do with Senior Day.

“I think that the team definitely played for Reilly Stewart. She came out, had an awesome performance set the tone early and brought them home. It was obvious the team was playing with a lot more passion than they have in previous weeks.” Reed said postgame.

The Warhawks will return to action next Wednesday for a huge contest against the WIAC leading UW-Oshkosh Titans. The Titans (21-2, 11-1 WIAC) are ranked 14th in the nation and have a two-game lead on the Warhawks with two regular season games remaining.


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My Online Habits

January 28, 2017 – 2:16 am

During the 2016 United States Presidential Election I found myself paying a lot more attention to national political news. What was the primary way I got my news? By scouring the internet on my phone and my laptop. My go to website for political news is actually, believe it or not, is YouTube. Other than political news, I also pay a lot of attention to sports news. I also get my sports news online from ESPN, Bleacher Report and YouTube.

When I am on YouTube I have three go-to YouTube channels for news. Those three channels are Secular Talk, Philip DeFranco and The Young Turks. Secular Talk is a daily hour plus long political talk show that is also available via podcast. In the show Kyle Kulinski, the host, goes over the big political stories every day. The Young Turks is pretty similar to Secular Talk, except they have multiple hosts. The main thing that draws me to these two channels is the independent nature of YouTube. Both of these channels have progressive views that mainly align with the Democratic Party, but because they are not funded by Democratic interests like NBC and CNN they still explore the flaws within “their party”. The final YouTube channel that I watch for news is the Philip DeFranco show. This show is a daily 10 minute news show that airs from Monday through Thursday. This show differs from the other two in the sense that it is not strictly a political program. DeFranco tells stories from Trump’s executive orders, to entertainment news and everything in between. One of my favorite parts about YouTube is a lot of creators will put links in the descriptions of their videos that allow you to verify their facts and sources so I know I’m not listening to fake news. My other use for YouTube in regards to politics is watching Seth Meyer’s Closer Look, Stephen Colbert’s monologues and the occasional CNN video.

As for my consumption of Sports News most of the time I’ll spot an article on Facebook and then I will read the article on ESPN or Bleacher Report. If I am ever hankering to read sports articles I will go to I also use YouTube to consume sporting news. For example, I watch The Starters, a daily NBA talk show, on the NBA YouTube channel.

My main way I consume online news is by watching videos, but I am also open to reading articles and listening to podcasts. I think videos are such a solid way to grow a connection with your audience and especially on a website like YouTube where the creators can comment back and forth with their audience. I do not comment on videos very often. I very rarely use Google for news, but if I ever overhear somebody talking about a tragedy or breaking news I’ll google it and look for the most recent news. I do not have a Twitter, but I do occasionally use Facebook to find news stories.

I grew up in the small town of Belleville, Wisconsin. Not much happens in Belleville so I do not pay attention to my local hometown news. I do, however, occasionally read the Wisconsin State Journal and Madison is only 20 miles away from Belleville.

The internet has completely changed how I and everyone else consumes news and I think this change is mostly a positive. I appreciate this opportunity to look at what I enjoy in online presences because it’ll help me recognize what I need to show in my online journalistic personality.

Writing Better Headlines

October 2, 2016 – 11:36 pm

This week I read the article “5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines” on Goins, Writer.  I thought that the article made some good points like use numbers and use interesting adjectives I felt that it missed some very critical aspects of headline writing.

In order to know what the article was missing we need to establish what Jeff Goins’ five tricks were. Goins said we should use numbers, use adjectives, use unique rational, use words like what and why and make an audacious promise. I agree with a lot of what Goins was saying because most of his points are to make your title stand out. If a writer uses numbers or unique adjectives in the headlines that story will stick out on a websites main page or in a search engine. I also think that making an audacious promise is an interesting thought, but I think if a writer makes a promise they better deliver on that promise. Goins made good points, but I felt that he was missing a couple major points. Here are a couple other points that will improve your headline writing.

1. Don’t be afraid to name drop
If you are writing an article that involves an important or famous person don’t be afraid to put their name in your headline. Well known names will draw attention to your article and will make them more likely to appear on search engines like Google or Bing.

2. Don’t overcomplicate your headline
Keep your headlines short and to the point. A headline should tell the reader what is in an article, but it shouldn’t tell the reader everything. Headlines should not exceed 10 words. Make sure that your headline reads easy and doesn’t confuse your reader.




September 25, 2016 – 10:23 pm

Yesterday I read an article on a New York Knicks blog called Posting and Toasting about the Knicks newest free agent signing. The article was called Some thoughts on Lou Amundson and the Knicks’ full (but not complete) roster and it went in on the recent signing of Lou Amundson and how he fits with the team next season. I liked the article a lot, but I felt like Joe Flynn went a little soft on the Knicks management.

Lou Amundson is known for two things, his scrappiness and his rebounding. Earlier this offseason the Knicks signed Joakim Noah, Willy Hernangomez, Maurice N’dour and others that already provide the Knicks with plenty of rebounding and scrappiness, but the Knicks still signed Amundson.

According to ESPN’s Marc Berman people inside the organization felt that the Knicks were “thin at experience at backup center.” This means that the Knicks brought in Lou Amundson for veteran leadership, but the stats show that in terms of on court experience Amundson does not have that much. Also the Knicks have already used up a roster spot on a player who isn’t going to get a lot of playing time, but provides leadership, his name is Sasha Vujacic. The worst part about the signing is that the Knicks still have at least one glaring hole.

With the Amundson signing that puts the Knicks roster at 15 players or full and that’s a problem. The Knicks have two players at the point guard spot, Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings. Rose is two years removed from a series of serious knee injuries, including two torn ACL’s. Jennings is one year removed from a torn Achilles tendon. Both point guards have major injury concerns, but the Knicks decided to sign their seventh big man instead of a much needed third point guard.


Blog Review

September 18, 2016 – 7:20 pm

The first blog I chose to review was the Ball Don’t Lie blog on Yahoo Sports. This is a NBA blog that does features on every team across the NBA. I’m really impressed with how much content they are posting at this point of the year. Right now, with the NBA in between Free Agency and the Regular-Season Opener, there is not a whole lot to cover but the writers at Ball Don’t Lie are doing in depth previews certain teams and other news stories across the NBA.

I enjoy the layout of the stories on this blog, but I really do not like how they have placed the ads. The articles give a nice two to three paragraph preview and then you can choose if you want to read the full post, or move on. The ads take up a whole third of the screen on the right and are very intrusive.

Every article has a comment section which allows their readers to get more involved with the writers. Most of the writers also link to their Twitter in the byline.

The second blog I looked at was The Starters Blog on I checked out this blog because I have watched The Starters TV show and they have mentioned the blog many times on the show.

I like the amount of video content on this blog, but with all of the video content it is almost impossible to find the written articles. I do not like the layout of this blog site. It is essentially the same layout as, which is one of the clunkiest and slowest websites on the web.

My favorite part of this blog is their podcast. During the NBA season they do four 30 minute podcasts and one hour long podcasts a week. They do a good job of being informative and entertaining. I would love to do a podcast like this on my own blog.

The Starters interact with their fanbase by talking to them on Twitter, doing polls and even showing pictures of their fans on The Starters TV show.

The last blog I looked at was the HoopsHype blog from USA Today Sports. For the most part I loved the layout for this blog. There was a trending stories section, an ability to search for stories by each individual team, deep analytics and many more great features for a NBA blog, but as soon as you open the blog there is a giant autoplay video add in the middle of the page. This one ad really takes away from the clean and great layout of this site.

The articles are very well written. The one thing that this blog is missing is just a little video content that would make people get hooked and stay on this page longer. This page has links to all of the writers and a lot of the players social media pages.