Mugshot: Mayor Petykiewicz

Kittatiny Mayor, Gustavus G. Petykiewicz, faces a possible 10 years in prison after causing a car crash while under the influence of alcohol.

At around 1 p.m. Petykiewicz collided with the car of 43-year-old Robert Doane of Kittatiny.

Petykiewicz stumbled out of his SUV with no injuries. Petykiewicz’s airbags deployed, however, Petykiewicz was not wearing his seatbelt. Officer’s immediately noticed a half-empty bottle of Fleishmann’s vodka on the passenger seat. Officers questioned Petykiewicz in regards to how much he drank. Petykiewicz responded, “You’d be drinking, too, if you were me.” According to the police report, Petykiewicz asked to keep the situation quiet because of his position in the city.

Petykiewicz agreed to a breath test, which revealed that he had a blood alcohol content of .14. In Pennsylvania, the legal blood alcohol limit cannot be higher than .08 in order to operate a motor vehicle.

Petykiewicz was arrested at the scene of the accident and was taken to the Schuylkill County Jail in downtown Kittatiny where a bail bond was set at $500. Gloria Petykiewicz, his wife, posted the bail in cash after Petykiewicz was fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken. Gloria Petykiewicz has no comment on the actions of her husband.

Doane was driving a 1997 Buick LaSabre that had no air bag. Luckily, Doane was wearing his seat belt at the time of impact. Doane came out of the crash conscious, however disoriented and with abdominal pain. The deputies that reported to the scene did not attempt to remove Doane from his vehicle. The deputies called the paramedics to the scene.

Once paramedics arrived and evaluated Doane, they were concerned that he may have suffered injuries to the spine. Paramedics called the Flight for Life helicopter to the scene at 2pm. The helicopter team successfully maneuvered Doane out of his car. Once out of the car, the Flight for Life crew secured Doane to a back board and gave him a head brace. The crew flew Doane to the Northeast Pennsylvania Hospital and Trauma Center in Wilkes-Barre.

According to a nurse supervisor at the hospital in Wilkes-Barre, Doane is currently in stable condition. Doane was left with broken ribs, a broken jaw and various contusions to the head and abdominal area. Luckily, Doane did not suffer any spinal injuries.

A witness at the scene, 34-year-old, Alice Q. Magarian, stated that she saw the Buick (Doane) approach the stop sign moving around 55 MPH. The Buick entered the intersection as the Ford (Petykiewicz) approached the stop sign, hesitated and pulled into the intersection. The made contact with the Buick and both cars were forced off the road.

Petykiewicz and his wife have made no further comments about the situation and have not opened their door to reporters.



“Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish,” was just one of the many statements Steve Jobs made to 2005 Stanford graduates earlier today. Throughout the commencement address, Jobs spoke about his personal failures and losses and how he came so close to death.

With humor, Jobs remarked on his college career. Jobs shared with students that he started at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Jobs stated that much of his time there was spent as a “drop-in.” Jobs dropped out of the classes he saw no use taking. Instead, Jobs spoke about how he dropped-in on classes that he otherwise would not have taken.

Jobs used a calligraphy class as his example. The calligraphy class Jobs took eventually led him to create perfect fonts for the Macintosh. Jobs jokingly states that Windows copied the Mac, so there likely would have never been font in any computer had he not dropped in on that course. Jobs assured graduates that although dropping out of school was one of the best things he ever did, it was not all fun and games.

Jobs recognized that the students in front of him today were embarking on a new life-long journey. Jobs gave students hope in speaking about his trials and tribulations. Jobs said to the students, “You can’t connect the dots going forward. You can only connect them looking back.” Jobs spoke from prior experience.

At 30 years old, Jobs was fired from the company he helped form. Steve Wozniak, along with Jobs, created the Apple 1 in 1976. Apple Computer’s first office was the garage of Jobs’ parents home. Apple Computer, INC. has grown fast since then. In fact, earlier this year Apple Computer launched the Mac Mini, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Mini. Before these new innovations came about, Jobs brought along John Sculley. Sculley had previously worked for Pepsi Company. Jobs convinced Sculley to join the Apple Computer team. Jobs never mentions Sculley’s name when he speaks about the person who led to his leave from Apple Computer in his speech.

When Jobs and Sculley started to see differences in their views of the future, things at Apple Computer got tough. Jobs spoke about how once Apple Computer grew, the board of directors was able to fire him because the stakeholder’s owned more of the company than he did.

“It was an awful taste in medicine, but the patient needed it.” This is how Jobs described his experience of being kicked out of the “Valley.” The Silicon Valley is a “city” of technological businesses. Numerous companies have their company headquarters here. The Silicon Valley may not be a real town, or city, but the Valley has a huge impact on the United States. Bob Noyce was considered to be the Mayor of Silicon Valley. The Valley is located in Southern California.

For Jobs, being kicked out of the Valley was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Jobs told graduates that he took this time to develop other projects, such as Pixar Animation. Jobs also met the love of his life when he was forced to leave the Valley.

Eventually, Jobs made his way back to Apple Computers. Jobs chose to talk to the graduates about life and death as well. Jobs was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor had told him to go home and make sure all of his “affairs” were in order; Jobs was going to die. Jobs exlplained the students that, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” As Jobs continued his speech, he told the students that they should work hard to be anything but happy.

Jobs’ speech was impressive, heartfelt and motivating. Many graduates left the ceremony excited to start embark on their next journey. If graduates can walk away with anything from their commencement, it would be that even if they feel like they have hit a brick wall and exhausted all of their options, they can move on with their head held high. You must fail to know what success is. As Jobs referenced Robert Frost, one should always try and find their own trail and not always follow the trail of others.


The Warhawk Alley is the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater’s very own ten-lane bowling alley. The Warhawk Alley offers bowling, billiards, air-hockey, darts and video games to all students at a low rate. The Warhawk Alley also runs tournaments every Tuesday during the school year.

*On Tuesday March 3, 2015, the Warhawk Alley hosted its “Halo: Master Chief” tournament. The “Halo: Master Chief” tournament had a total of six participants. The Warhawk Alley host’s tournaments every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. Tournaments offered are video games, billiards and bags. This week’s “Halo” battle will have two winners.

Tournament Coordinator Krista Hilpert runs each tournament every Tuesday night. According to Hilpert, the video game tournaments are the most popular. Hilpert states that her favorite part about her job is meeting new people with many different interests. Hilpert says, “It’s cool to learn about the interests of other people. I don’t have the same interests as them, so it’s always cool to learn how we are all different.”

As the brackets closed in on each other and the players battled for first place, I got the chance to talk to some of the participants and figure out what makes them come to the tournaments.

Junior Keltin Oberle, an Occupational Health and Safety major has only ever played in the Halo tournaments at the Warhawk Alley. Oberle has never won a tournament, but tonight may be his lucky night.

Warhawk Alley Employee Nick Ott was running the front desk during the “Halo” tournament. He explained that the tournament had a $5 fee per participant. Ott stated that he loves to see many students come into the Warhawk Alley for the tournaments. Ott also commented that there is never any intense competition, and the atmosphere of the tournaments is friendly. Ott says that the “Halo” tournament has invited friendly competition to the Warhawk Alley and that he is amazed to see the tournament run smoothly. Ott enjoyed waiting to see who the winner of the tournament would be. As the bracket got smaller and the night went on, participants and staff eagerly awaited the results.

The winner of the “Halo: Master Chief” tournament had his or her choice between three prizes offered by the Warhawk Alley. A “Mountain Dew” duffle bag, a $20 UW- Whitewater Bookstore gift card or a Warhawk Alley t-shirt were up for grabs.

Oberle came out on top for the first time and chose the “Mountain Dew” duffle bag. Second place winner Darek Slivicke chose the $20 U-W Whitewater Bookstore gift card. Oberle was excited to take his prize home and prepare for the next tournament he can participate in. Slivicke stated, “I really like the ‘Halo’ tournaments, so I will be back next time for sure.”

The Warhawk Alley will go back in time a few decades and host a Nintendo 64 tournament next Tuesday. Hilpert is excited to see old games be brought back to life and she hopes to see everybody there. The tournament fee is $5 and the tournament will start at 6 p.m. on March 10.

“The budget still needs to be approved by our city council. I guarantee there will be changes made.” Mayor Petykiewicz made this statement at the first meeting where he addressed Kittatinny’s proposed budget plan for 2016.

The current plan proposes a tax increase. The current tax rate is four mills, and the proposed new rate is 4.3 mills. On a $100,000 house in Kittatinny, the resident’s would see an increase of about $30 on their taxes. For citizens, this is not the first item that needs reconsidering.

The safety of Kittatinny will be challenged with the proposed budget. The budget calls for city police to be off of the streets from 4 a.m. until noon every day. The mayor proposes that county sheriff’s answer dispatch calls to Kittatinny each morning. Chief of Police Roman Hruska states his worry for the city during these hours. Hruska told people at the meeting that the most dangerous types of crimes occur during these hours. Hruska is worried that the sheriff’s department would not be able to respond to Kittatinny’s dispatch calls in time due to the curved Pennsylvania highway system. Another issue regarding the safety of Kittatinny is the lay-off of two police officers. Hruska is not ready to stand down and watch police protection go down by one-third every day.

City council member Denelda Penoyer took the stand to let citizens know that she also believes the biggest problem for Kittatinny’s budget is the police protection. Penoyer suggests that the council members, the mayor and other city officials take a 10 percent pay cut in order to keep the safety of Kittatinny’s residents stable. Penoyer states that something this drastic will take time to agree on. Penoyer may suggest that city officials take a pay cut, but she also suggests that the tax rate is increased to five mills. This would be $50 increase on a $100,000 home. Penoyer believes that this increase and the pay cut will keep police protection stable.

AFSCME Local 644 President Martha Mittengrabben and Pennsylvania Police Association Local 34 President Bjarne Westhoff have agreed to propose a pay cut to each of their unions. If their union workers agree, they would have to write a new contract for 2016. This could result in a pay cut that would not require lay-offs.

Kittatinny’s residents will also be seeing a new charge on their water bill come 2016 if the mayor’s current budget is passed. Each household will now pay for garbage collection. Residents can expect to see a $30 charge for garbage collection per month.

As Mayor Petykiewicz has stated, the budget has not been approved. After this meeting, residents can be sure that there will be changes and improvements made to the proposed budget. After the tough economic year that Kittatinny has had with the closure of one of Susquehanna Steel Corporation’s blast furnaces, the Mayor would like to reassure citizens that he only hopes Kittatinny can be improved in the future. The deadline for the budget approval is not until Dec. 1st. Citizens should expect to see numerous proposals until then.

In the summer of 2014, Emily Cocks went on an unforgettable trip to China. When I asked Emily about the initial though she had after getting off the plane, she answered: “I immediately wanted to power-wash everything. They focus on conserving the environment at the expense of conserving the natural resources used to clean everything in sight.”

While in China, Emily became very close with the family she stayed with. Emily still keeps contact with her “Chinese Mama,” through a texting application that translates the words as they send them back and forth. Emily spent most of her month exploring many Chinese cities with the help of her host family.

China has incorporated some of Americans largest companies into their culture. I asked Emily what she noticed as far as Americanization in China. Emily noticed that China had become more westernized. KFC’s and Starbucks were commonly seen throughout many Chinese cities. These places reminded Emily of the American culture she was used to.

I asked Emily about being in a place where she was the minority. I found that only about 9% of China consists of different ethnic groups. I found Emily’s response interesting.

Emily is light skinned and light haired. In the Chinese culture, people who have these features are looked at as nobles. “I was wondering why people would stop and stare at me. We even had people ask to take pictures with us.”

As the conversation continued on between Emily and myself, I asked her about her most memorable experience. Emily was waling through “Peoples Square” with her host family. She spoke about shops lined up against a river where you could see the lit up city on the other side.

As they were walking through “Peoples Square,” Emily noticed something interesting. Emily was wearing a dress from H&M. The woman walking toward them was wearing the same dress. Emily and the woman exchanged giggles, and grins as they passed each other. Emily stated that she could not let this moment go without a picture.

As they were talking with help from Heran and his family, the woman looked at Emily and said, “We are breaking down barriers.” This was the most memorable experience for Emily. She had a total stranger who does not know much about Americans open up to her.

Emily also spoke about the governments’ control in China. All forms of print, and media are in the governments’ control. To have a woman open up to an American and speak so kindly made Emily happy. It reassured her that there is hope that one day all of the barriers will break in the world.

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