Jefferson County Board Meeting

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On Tuesday, October 27th controversy was stirred at the Jefferson County Board meeting. The planning and zoning committee was overruled when it came to a rezoning request in the town of Lake Mills.


Mr. and Mrs. Bittorf own Mid-State Traffic Control. They want to rezone just over 3 acres of their 40-acre property on Stoney Creek Rd to be used for agricultural and rural business.


The Bittorf’s 40 acres of land are rented out to others for farming. However, there is a fraction of their land that is home to several sheds sizeable to be used for construction storage purposes. Using this land for those purposes, however, would mean truck traffic down the road would increase. Many are on the fence about the rezoning as it causes some safety issues for the few neighbors in the area—this concern was voiced at the meeting.


Tyler Wilkinson, the Bittorf’s attorney spoke and made a statement explaining that the safety issue presented was far from a real concern.


John Phillips was the only one to speak against the rezoning during the public comment portion of the meeting.


“There is not enough space…” Phillips said, “I am looking for the safety of my family [and my children]”


Although the town of Lake Mills had previously approved this rezoning request, it was denied at the meeting and will be sent back for evaluation due to concern.


Also at the meeting, Henry Gibbemeyer, the first graduate of the Alcohol Treatment Court spoke. The program is used to help offenders as an alternative to prison time. He spoke about the program as he completed it after being charged with his 5th OWI.


Gibbemeyer went through the program, which required him to attended self-help courses and complete drug and alcohol tests. He spoke positively about the program.


The 2016 budget will be voted on at the next meeting, which will take place November 10.

Democratic Debate Party

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On Tuesday, Oct 13 the UW-Whitewater College Democrats held a democratic debate viewing party in Hyland Hall that was open to the public. The 5 democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chaffee, Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley, occupied the podiums


UW-Whitewater College Democrats Chair, Tim Hankes, was present and excited to tune in.


“The 2 biggest candidates tonight are by far Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders”, Hankes said, “I am definitely on team Bernie, I feel he is more progressive than anyone that has ever ran.”


“Bernie all the way! One of his goals is to desensitize the word [socialist] in our society.” Hankes said when asked to elaborate on his current favorite candidate. “He cares. I think that’s what a democracy is all about—caring about other people besides yourself.”


The debate began at 7:30p.m and was broadcast via CNN live from Las Vegas, NV. CNN’s own Anderson Cooper hosted the debate beginning with giving all 5 candidates 2 minutes to introduce themselves.


The room stayed quiet for the majority of the introductions with the exception of candidate Bernie Sanders. Many viewers seemed to favor Sanders and cheered as he made his opening statements.


“What this campaign is about is whether we can mobilize our people to take back our government from a handful of billionaires and create the vibrant democracy we know we can and should have.” Sanders said as he closed out his opening statement.


“Even though he’s over 70 years old, he gets the young people. He relates to us.” UW-Whitewater student Sam Viken said when asked her opinion of candidate Sanders. “I think he has a huge movement behind him. Socialist or not, he’s got me hooked and absolutely has my vote.”


Many viewers were waiting the moment when front-runner Hillary Clinton would be asked about her recent e-mail scandal. When Cooper asked she responded with [My private email server] “was allowed by the state department, [it] wasn’t the best choice” and then she added that she’d also like to focus on other issues at hand.

The viewers seemed to take her “no comment” approach to the scandal well. Clinton seemed to come second to Sanders at the party, however, did receive a lot of reaction and positive support throughout the debate.

Common Council Meeting-City of Whitewater

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On Tuesday, Oct. 6 the Whitewater City Common Council held it’s meeting at the Whitewater Municipal Building located at 312 W Whitewater St in downtown Whitewater.


The meeting focused mainly on the cities proposed budget for the upcoming year along with new plans for the Whitewater Aquatic Center.


City manager, Cameron Clapper, presented the cuties budget plan via PowerPoint presentation. The proposed budget for 2016 is $9,777,798, which is a 3.12 percent increase from the 2015 budget at $9,472,401.


The majority of the cities budget comes from intergovernmental revenue and the property tax levy within the city. However, the city does receive money from other sources such as interfund transfers, public fees for service and water utility payments.


“We need to look at ways to fund things, which is always a big issue every year since costs go up and levies stay the same,” Clapper said. “We are bumping up against a ceiling that will require changes to how we fund things if we want to be successful in the future.”


Most of the cities budget will go towards general government, public safety, debt service and sinking funds. However there are plans to put money towards DPW, solid waste, recycling, community development, recreation and education.


The Whitewater Aquatic Center was a main topic of discussion as the city has plans to upgrade and renovate the facility within the next decade. The center, which is jointly operated by the city and the school district, is located at Whitewater High School. Basic facility upgrades are being considered for renovation as budget allows. The facility has not been renovated or updated in over 15 years. Plans to change the structure of management within the center are also being discussed.




My Journey as a Writer

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My journey as a young writer has been, well, how should we put it—different.  I really have been enjoying this course and I feel I have learned more in this course than I have in two or three previous courses combined.  I have never worked with magazine writing and I really love it.  I love to put my own voice into my articles with hopes that I can connect with the reader on a deeper level.


It’s not all fun though, there are definitely many difficulties that come with this field.  Sometimes I am a bit of a perfectionist and I will stay awake all night trying to rewrite a few sentences within a piece.  My writer’s block becomes overwhelming and I want to pull out my hair!  I hope to learn to manage this but at this moment
I find it to be my biggest struggle.


Writing for me has always been an escape, whether I’m writing a formal essay, a blog post, or in my personal journal, I find it incredibly therapeutic..  I have mentioned many times how found I am of written language.  It fascinates me to know I can take all of the emotions I feel within my self and put them onto a piece of paper for others to feel as well.  Wow! That is so crazy to me! I love it.


I really hope to grow as a writer as I prepare to complete my last year of college.  I want to be able to keep my own style and voice but know what I’m doing.  You know what I mean?  I want to know the ropes and the rules like the back of my hand—be a professional.  I do not think I will ever be able to push back my spunk or way of words, I think that’s what makes me, well, me.

Writing is my passion.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

Writers Block

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I am no stranger when it comes to writers block! Throughout my entire high school and college education, I have ran into writers block at least once or twice a month.  The frustration of writers block is one of my worst frustrations.  As a writer, it seems as if words practically flow from my head to my paper without any issue and thats the beauty of this passion.  However, when the words just do not come to you, you might as well pull out your hair.

One of my worst encounters with writers block lasted an entire 48 hours.  I had a final essay due at the end of the month.  A week or so before the deadline I sat down to being what I thought would be a simple persuasive essay on technology and the pros of its growth.  However, simple was the last thing it was.  I had all these ideas and thoughts on the topic and I knew I would be able to blow this out of the water.  When I sat down I knocked out about a page and a half when everything just stopped.  I couldn’t come up with the right words.  My transitions and argumentative points were just not there.  I thought taking a break for a bite to eat would help but it didn’t! i sat at that desk for hours and lost the majority of my sleep because of this frustration.  the next day the same thing happened.  It just wasn’t happening.

Eventually I was able to complete an essay I was satisfied with.  This was a horrible experience and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to happen again.  I realized that you can’t prevent writer’s block 100 percent of the time but you can decrease the likelihood.  Making a very descriptive outline before starting any paper or article.  This puts things into much more detail before you even begin the final process.

Writers block is no fun but you can beat it!




Journalist at Work

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My plan for this course, like all of my courses, is to learn.  I have such a passion for the field and I want to learn as much as I can about it.  I really do enjoy sitting down after work and logging into the course.  I love to go through our material and complete the assignments as it really does make me feel as if I am moving forward.  I’m really hoping to improve my feature pieces with the Royal Purple this coming semester.  I love working with the school paper and am hoping to really bump into some new opportunities in my last year here!

I am planning to interview and old professor from a different school and i am a bit nervous but also excited!  i come up with ideas at random times and i jot them down!

i really do have a very difficult time balancing life.  I do my best but I do get very overwhelmed.  I turn to writing to help me cope with that stress.  i actually write in a journal just for myself to blow off some steam.  its not easy being a college kid with a job and 18 credits to balance, i’ll tell ya that!

I notice as i get older that things just become more overwhelming.  i’m paying my own bills, doing my own shopping, working as often as possible and i really dont have much time to do the things I used to do in high school.  I find that making time for those things, however, is so important.  It is important to set time aside to relax with your family and friends. Its important to take time for yourself.  Without this time i can only imagine how insane you’d end up.  I wish more people would realize this and make that time.  I think we’d have a little less sassy pants’ on our hands!

Who Am I?

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My name is Katie Kane and I am a journalism major here at UW-Whitewater.  I am from a small town in northern Illinois.   My passion has been writing ever since I was young.  I love to express myself through words, as I feel written language is the most unique thing on the planet.  It is so amazing how one can put there thoughts onto a piece of paper so others can feel them too.  I have never wanted to do anything but write.  I am going into my senior year here and I have found throughout my journey that feature writing is something I really enjoy.  I love being able to put my voice into something rather than writing in robotic monotone.  I have taken many classes that include feature writing and have also written for the Royal Purple the last two years.  I have had many opportunities to write feature stories.

I plan to finish out my college career this coming year and leave with my bachelors degree in journalism.  I have always dreamed of writing for the Chicago Tribune, however, as I have expiereienced many more parts of the field I am open to getting into web and maybe even radio.

Voice is so powerful in this day and age and I cannot wait to put more of my thoughts and ideas down on paper for all to see.

I am excited for this course and to learn more about the field that I love so passionately.

College: A Place to Learn or Let Loose..?

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So, whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘college’? Some may say education, or maybe expensive but most people ages 15-30 would say, well, one giant party!

Do you agree? Do you think of a big party as well?

As a student myself at The University of Wisconsin-Whitwater, I have seen my fair share of parties.  I won’t lie when I say I usually have a night out on the town at least once a week.  You’d probably hear the same thing from the majority of my class.  Students promote house parties and pub crawls weekly via Facebook and Twitter.  Lines form outside of the liquor stores when the weekend approaches.

Is this okay? Is it just the norm for college students to binge drink and live a giant party? Or should the be of some concern? Do we need more restrictions? Can we even enforce those restrictions?

Check out this video about college binge drinking!!



Now how do you feel?

As a college student myself I have seen several incidents where the paramedics have been involved.  I have stayed up until daybreak making sure my friends stayed healthy and conscious after a long night out.

It can get pretty intense!  It can get to a VERY SERIOUS state.  Some people don’t see this and they laugh and joke about it.

People are killed from binge drinking.

I personally believe that education is incredibly important. I don’t feel that alcohol consumption is wrong or should be banned but I think it needs to be a topic of discussion more often than it is.

How do you feel?!

Comments are welcome!






Beyonce’s Surprise Album

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According to Mashable, Beyonce released a surprise album via itunes and it generated 1.2 million tweets in 12 hours!  I was drawn to this story because of my recent lessons on social media and its power to speak to the masses.

There was absolutely no promotional activity for this new album, however, EVERYONE seems to know about it less than 24 hours after its release.  Thats the power of Twitter, people!

this was such a cool thing to me.  I woke up this morning and Beyonce was plastered all over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Usually there is so much hype months before a A-Lister drops a big album, but Beyonce just turned this industry around.  She completely broke the internet.  No need for promotion, no need for ads and release dates.  She blew everyones mind just through social media.

This really shows how powerful social media can be! I think it is the start of a new era.  Absolutely AMAZING

Check out this video of the queen herself!



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Paul Walkers Death on Storify

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