Dec 14

Website Uses Photo From 2008

In Jim Romensko’s blog post “Paging Your Game Photo is From 2006- And Sports Fans are Noticing it,” he shows a photo from a recent post from The journalist wrote a story about a basketball game. He then decided to use a photo that was from eight years ago.

In my opinion I think this is really unprofessional. If you do not have a photo I think it is better off not using one at all. People will notice that the picture is old when the players are no longer on the team.

Overall, I think the site should not have used a picture at all. I know people write on deadlines, but you still need to stay professional.


Dec 7

Inexperienced Interns

In this blog post titled “WHY DO NEWS OUTLETS PUT ‘INEXPERIENCED KIDS’ IN CHARGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA,” Dan Mitchell talks about outlets hiring inexperience interns to run their social media.

Social media is now they face of most companies and organizations. Social media is the first place I look when I want to know something about an organization or something. With that being said it is important for social media to be very professional.

Most of these interns do not have any supervision or anything when it comes to posting on social media. I think it is important for the person running the social media pages to be experienced because it is so important.

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Dec 7

I Can’t Breathe Storify

Nov 23

Pop-Up Blogs

New York Magazine came up with a new idea called a pop-up blog. According to Benjamin Mullin’s blog, this new idea has been very successful for the magazine. Basically, a pop-up blog expands on information talked about in t magazine. Topics range anywhere from travel to relationships. Since the magazine started this in May, their website traffic has risen. The magazine will look for advertisers and so far advertisers have liked the idea.

I think this is important because it is something new. It is fun and interesting. This is not something that annoys people. If they are interested in the topic, they will be interested in the pop-blog. I think this is a very good idea.

I think this is interesting because it is different. I haven’t heard of any other magazines every doing anything like this. I think it is uniques and could be something very successful for the New York Magazine.

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Nov 10

Reporter Quit After Violating Papers Social Media Policy

Once again, because I write for the school newspaper this blog about a reporter quitting the University of Tennessee’s school newspaper caught my attention. Wes Tripp, a writer for The Daily Beacon, resigned from his reporting job because he said he “specifically  violated the following rule: You may not write or post negative content about The Daily Beacon online.” He said that he did not agree that his comments were negative.

Tripp was still allowed to write for the paper although his byline would no longer be included. According the the blog, Tripp said he decided to resign because “I will not work for a public organization that denies my First Amendment right to publicly express my opinions.”

I do agree with what Tripp had to say about expressing his opinions. Sometimes you just have to follow policies though. There are always going to be rules that someone is not going to like. Unfortunately, you have to follow them if you want to keep your job!


Nov 2

College Newspaper Website Updates

Because I write for the Royal Purple this blog about college newspapers caught my eye. According to Benjamin Mullin’s blog only 1 in 5 college newspapers update their websites daily. ” Just 21 percent of student newspapers at public, four-year universities update their websites five days a week,” Mullin said. This was based off of 485 student newspapers.

I think it is important for newspapers to update their websites. It makes them more well known. I think it is especially important for student newspapers to update their sites so the students can have the experience. A lot of students will probably end up doing work online. It would be beneficial to know how to run a newspapers site.

Once again, I find this interesting because I write for the school newspaper. I personally have never done anything with the website. I am not even sure how often it is updated. Maybe a few times a wee

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Oct 26

NBC Introduces New Sports Site

NBC launched a new long-form sports site titled SportsWorld. According to Adam Flomenbaum’s blog, the site will be similar to SB Nation and will have NBC’s digital writers contributing to the page. Along with the posts, there will be documentaries and videos posted that are produced by NBC Sports Group.

I think that this a great idea by NBC. NBC is a very popular channel for showing sports games. They plan on posting a lot of information in a timely matter. I think this will be so helpful. If people know they will post breaking news immediately, I think it will bring a lot more people to their site. The site has been up for a short amount of time and it has been successful so far.

I find this post interesting because I am very into sports. I am always checking up on the latest sports news online. Now that this site is up this gives me another option. They say that they will be posting many times a day so I will always have new information to read. Another reason why I fins this interesting is because I hope to work for something like this one day!


Oct 26

Map Assignment

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Oct 19

Journalists Reporting on Ebola

When scrolling through my feedly this week I saw a lot of articles about Ebola. All we are hearing about now is Ebola. It is a serious issue, but it is hard for journalists to report about. In Al Tompkins’ post on Poynter titled “Journalists struggle to balance reporting on Ebola with HIPAA” he explains a lot about the privacy issues that are coming along while reporting about Ebola.

It is hard to find a balance between the patients rights and the public’s right to know. HIPAA is an Act from 1996 that restricts patient information to doctors, direct caregivers, insurance companies and others expressly named in the Act. In Tompkins’ article he says “the law allows some leeway when a national health crisis is involved, but those loopholes do not apply to journalists.”

In my opinion, I think journalists should have the right to inform the public because Ebola is life threatening to all humans. It is a really hard thing to do though. I’m sure the people who are going through this do not want all of their personal information out for everyone to hear. If they do happen to overcome the virus, it will always be connected to them.

Overall, journalists should have the right to report about all things involving Ebola, but I think there should be a break off point when it comes to privacy. download


Oct 12

Consuming News From Your Mobile Phone

download    With it becoming easier and easier to read news online, the use of newspaper is declining and consuming news from cell phones is increasing. According to this blog, newspaper sales have dropped by 55% since the internet became a commonplace. Weekday print circulation has also dropped by 47%. Because most newspapers are at about 50% in online traffic, editors need to think about how to accommodate the news from a smartphone or tablet. It is a lot different from regular print.

Alan Mutter, the author of this blog makes a few suggestions on how to keep up with the constant changes in the media world. When posting things online, Mutter suggests to make it timely. Most online readers do not want to read more than 150 words. The second suggestion he gives is to make it concise. Make everything short, informative, and entertaining. Another suggestion is to make it viral. the easiest way to do this is by making it interactive. People love when they can interact with something and each other. Another tip is to make it transactional. Provide things to make the readers experience better. This can include well target advertising.

I think this article is very important. The internet is obviously growing bigger everyday and it is not going to stop anytime soon. Eventually newspaper could be a thing of the past. With that being said, news organizations need to be prepared for everything. I think starting out online can be tough, but it will be well worth it in the end.

This goes along well with our class because it is all about online journalism. I agree with everything Mutter said in his blog. The online articles will eventually completely take over print journalism.


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