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Whats Lawtendr?
Sunday May 10th 2015, 10:11 pm
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If you are in some trouble and looking for a lawyer instead of going to the law office you can just post your problem on Lawtendr and lawyers can bid for you. While the bids are rolling in, you can talk to each potential lawyer, you can check out their background and experience, and compare them to see who is the right fit for you. You also get an idea on how much they will cost, because all the lawyers on the site use fixed-fee billing. I think that this is a little weird just because your issue is posted online. I wouldn’t want people to know my business especially if i did something pretty bad. I don’t like spreading my business online at all and this does that. The idea of this is different but i want to know if you think this is a good idea or not? Would you spread your business or issue online for others to see?

Fight of the Century
Sunday May 03rd 2015, 8:17 pm
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May 2 is over and the media and fight promoters did their job extremely well. The fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is suppose to put boxing back on the radar. But with all of the commercials and hype that this fight received spectators across the world seemed very unhappy. I saw many Facebook and twitter posts stating that they wasted $100 dollars on this fight and that they will never watch boxing again. I laughed at all of the negative posts i saw about this fight for many reasons. For starters boxing is not what is used to be anymore it reminds me of the print newspaper. The analogy I’m referring to is boxing is the print newspaper and the UFC is online journalism/news. Ever since the UFC started boxing became very unpopular and it has to do with how exciting UFC is. UFC brings knockouts, submissions, blood, sweat and tears just like boxing back in its heyday. Boxing is nothing like it used to be because it doesn’t have the talented boxers like before and it’s probably due to they migrated to the UFC. The point I’m trying to get to is the media and fight promoters did one hell of a job. They were able to get so many people to watch this fight and make a ton of money even though boxing is very unpopular. This goes to show that the media can hype something up so big that they can get millions of people to watch it even though some people have never even watched a boxing match. I do want to know what people were thinking they were going to see? I don’t understand why people thought they were going to a knockout or a know down every round. People thought they were going to see these fighters straight up brawl, but that is not BOXING. I watched this fight and i thought it was a good fight. Boxing is nothing like the UFC and never will be.






2015 NFL Draft
Sunday May 03rd 2015, 7:29 pm
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Hashtags are more involved
Sunday April 26th 2015, 10:54 pm
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Hashtags have become extremely popular recently that they are not just used on twitter anymore. Other social media sites are now seeing increasing numbers of hashtags on them such as Facebook and Instagram. I read a great article on hashtags and this article seems like a powerpoint but you learn a lot about hashtags. Iv’e learned hashtags make it easier for people to find and follow discussions about brands, events, and promotions. They allow brands to track the performance of promotions across social media. Hashtags have become more than just a symbol in front of a message and everybody is using them. Im happy to see what hashtags have done to our world and excited to see what else they will bring. Every social media site should be using this to create more of an experience for their users because hashtags can only benefit your business. Does anybody think hashtags can hurt a social media site or become a nuisance? Or do you think that hashtags will keep increasing that you might start seeming them in journalism? Because i think that you might start seeing them in news stories because of the value they bring. Look at the hashtag resource below it will blow your mind and change your opinion about hashtags.








“Bullshit In The Media”
Sunday April 19th 2015, 8:15 pm
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Last semester i took a class called Truth In the Media. This wonderful class taught me many ideas and topics of journalism and our nations media. One topic this class taught me was “bullshit in the media” where the media or journalists write and talk about stories that is honestly “bullshit”. I wanted to talk about this because i came across an article that reminded me of this topic and i wanted to share this with you. FishBowlNY recently wrote an article about Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Chipotle. Honestly my first thought is who cares? Why do we care so much that we have to write about Hillary clinton going to Chipotle? The article said Clinton went into a Chipotle in Ohio and ordered a burrito bowl. Does anybody see the huge news here? Because i do not. But then more news came to light stating that Clinton ate at Chipotle for “Hispanic Outreach”. I think its so funny when presidential campaigns are among us and media outlets and journalists write stories like this. Did they even think that Clinton ate there because she might like Chipotle. This is a defenition of “bullshit” in the media that i learned and i can’t help but laugh at stories like this. I want to know if you guys feel the same way. Do stories like this humor you?

Equipment In Journalism
Sunday April 12th 2015, 10:54 pm
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I recently read an article on HookedOnGolfBlog and it was about the masters tournament. The article talks about how they provide their viewers with such aieral views and golf hole tours. They are using drones, which are these small flying objects with cameras on them operated by people. Now i think this is so cool especially if your looking at it in a journalism aspect. The future of journalism looks like it keeps improving each year and its exciting to learn about all the new technology. This drone was able to capture each hole and provide viewers with beautiful aieral views that make the watching experience unforgettable. When i think of drones i think of flying objects that the military uses in war. Its really cool how we can use any equipment for our advantage. Karlee Nimmer also recently posted a article about these drones and how police departments use this drones to get a aieral view of crime scenes. I also thought that was awesome because we all are uses this device for our benefit. This is a way to think about the future and how we can improve in every single way. Heres a look at a aieral view from the drone and the golf course tour.








Fly Over Golf Course Tour


Media Can Really Get Too Players
Sunday April 05th 2015, 8:10 pm
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0711-lebron-james-jersey-twitter-getty-4The media does its job day in and day out covering all kinds of topics. One topic in particular that gets a lot of news is sports. Sport figures that are always on television due to their talents can be impacted by the media in a positive and negative way. Players such as Lebron James and Derrick Rose in the NBA garner a lot of media attention. James gets so much media because of how good of an athlete he is as well as what he does for the community. Rose gets attention for the same reasons but also because of he’s injuries.

First James left his hometown team for the Miami Heat because he felt Cleveland would not be good enough to win a NBA championship. He received so much negative attention from this and he struggled as a player and person in his first year as a Heat player. James was even voted the most hated player in sports that year.

c6ca8d2d2d29172f131c9d13654eccffRose gained positive attention from the media because he became the youngest player to win a MVP in the NBA. But after his first injury it has become a nightmare for the former MVP. Many stories surfaced the internet that Rose will never be the same player he is. Rose shoots the ball to much, Rose needs to be traded and Rose is injury prone and he shouldn’t be on the roster anymore. Rose honestly is not the same he used to be and this is true because of his injuries. But i think that the media has a big impact on players such as Rose and James.

In my opinion i think the media needs to get a story out so instead of having a positive story they make it negative to get more readers and opinions. Also fans these days are so harsh on atheltes over social media its crazy. Former cowboy Demarco Murray recieved death threats, and very inappropriate language on he’s twitter feed because of his decision to sign with the Eagles. Screen_Shot_2015-03-12_at_4.41.01_PM.0

My question to the media and fans and everyone out there is why do we report this way? Why do we act the way we act against opponents. Is it a sin to say…. hey that player is really good. I just don’t understand why we act that way.

Mobile Messaging a commerce Platform
Sunday March 29th 2015, 10:12 pm
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cell phone picAmerica is finally discovering what Asia has know for years. Jon Shieber from The Crunch recently talked about this and stated that “users will be able to shed the need for countless apps from different companies in favor a simple mobile messaging interface.” So bascially if you have Facebook messenger you will soon be able to order food, buy products, and chat directly with bussinesses. I’m 50/50 on this idea just because of the impact it will do to socializing with people. Im all in favor for new ideas better products that help us live our lives easier day in and day out. But i’m starting to miss my childhood where you talk to people face to face and share the emotions that you will not get from an app or cell phone. Emjois on the iPhone are not getting the job done for me. Listen i love the fact you can buy products, order food, chat directly with anyone you want, but sooner or later i feel that we are just going to keep getting lazyer.

Heres a quote from Chris Messina that basically sums up why we should use messaging, ” we all text more than ever, so why not expand texting’s potential to sending payments, buying products, ordering on-demand services, paying bills, and more?” Also the money companies are receiving for having the ability to do this is outrageous. China’s WeChat makes over $1.1 billion in revenue by offering its 440 million  users to be able to buy products and pay bills over messaging, thats a lot green. Therefore I’m all in favor for this to hit america due to the money we will gain and making life simple, but it can hurt us with more jobs lost as well as more time on our phone, which means so social life.


Diversity Research In Journalism
Sunday March 08th 2015, 11:26 pm
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I read a great blog on The Buttry Diary today. Its about local news coverage and consumption in Denver, Macon, Ga, and Sioux City, Iowa.  It was a great study because it shows how diversity today is more linked towards local news consumption. For Example.

Pew Research Center graphic, used by permission.                      Pew Research Center graphic, used with permission.

I think its true that diversity has risen in consumption of newspaper reading and more. But i also think that if your city or town is highly diverse you would have to have news about diversity in the paper. Do you think these statistics are correct? Also do you think this will keep changing for diversity or do you think diversity stats will go down.  I really liked this blog a lot i recommend you read this.

-Joe Walsh


Diversity Story




Vine a Source for Sports
Sunday March 01st 2015, 11:31 pm
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I want to take a different approach in this new blog post especially because i love sports so much. My blog today is about the use of media in a news story and the types of media they use. If your like me and use twitter for information on todays topics or ideas you will see media that helps understand the topic. Today the Chicago Bulls played the L.A. Clippers and they lost, but that is not what this blog is about. I read the recent blog post on and i was very impressed on the type of media they used to understand the topic. They used Vine to show you the actual footage of what they were talking about. They had several topics and sometimes its hard to picture what is really happening if there is no media and with just a still picture. Therefore i agree with blogabull with using Vine to help readers understand the topic that is being covered.  For Example they talked about how Jimmy “G” buckets has been dominating the smaller guards of the clippers and the clippers then have to double team him and he uses his passing skills to get a bucket for him team.

Jimmy “G” Buckets Pass

That was just one example. So you can see how much media can impact a news story or a blog because of the use of media. I really think its a good idea to always have some sort of media to contribute to what you are trying to say because not only does it make it more interesting it also helps your story grow. So generally i would like to know if you like using media in stories? And if you think Vine is a good choice to use in your stories or if there is a better media source. Also i would like to know if you agree with me?