Sep 15 2016

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Hello everyone!

My name is Hannah Jewell. I was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, up until I turned 15-years-old. Unfortunately, my father’s job uprooted and relocated my family, but luckily we moved to the Windy City, Chicago. Even though I am a down home country girl at heart, there is a sweet little home in my heart for the city (alongside deep dish pizza!).

During high school, I found my passion for newspaper and magazine journalism. I was the Editor-in-Chief for Lakes Community High School’s literary magazine, Mosaic, and the center spread editor for the high school newspaper, the Talon Times. After high school, I decided to study for two years at a community college and obtain my associates degree then transfer to a four-year university. I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater majoring in communications with an emphasis in print, broadcast, web journalism as well as minoring in marketing.

Outside school, I have several passions that have shaped my life. I love crafts and all things DIY! I actually have a personal blog where I get tutorials on the projects I create and share how to create them and also make the cost effective. Alongside blogging, I love traveling, whether in the United States or internationally, and being outdoors.

My dream job would be to work for a company as their social media marketer and/or write for a magazine. I would like to combine my knowledge of journalism and marketing and marry it with my love of crafts, travel, the outdoors, possibly becoming a writer for a travel magazine taking pictures and posting about my adventures.


A girl can dream, right?

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