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I feel like a learned quite a bit in Journalism for the Web. The class as a whole has improved my writing ability and gave me a new perspective about journalism. I never realized the big differences from print to web. And it makes me appreciate bloggers a lot more.

Some of the improvements I made on my blog were adding pictures to every article to make the articles more appealing. I also made it easier to navigate my blog there is now a search bar on the left. I have also split up all my stories into categories making it easier to find whatever you are looking for. If you just want sports you can click on sports and only get my sport articles. I also updated my about me page so that the viewer can get to know me a little bit better.

This class was difficult for me because it was online and I do not have best time management but it helped me a lot to. My time management eventually got better. The class has improved my writing and the class gave me a better insight on the world of journalism.

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We all know how crazy this year’s election was and still is. From email scandals of Hillary Clinton to the plunders on twitter of Donald Trump it was an interesting ride. And rather difficult trying to keep up with the news. But being one of the world’s major powers all eyes were on us. According to Facebook Australia’s most searched topic was the U.S. election.

In an article by Ariel Bogle she talked about how interested the Australians were with our election. “It was the most talked about topic among the 15 million or so Australians sharing posts on Facebook this year.” The world accounted for 10 billion interactions from March 2015 till Election Day this November. The article then goes to list on the top ten searched topics in Australia. Including some major events this year and their own Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull.

It just blows my mind that the U.S. election would beat out their own prime minister as a trending topic. Especially on a year that Australians also had an election. Maybe it’s Facebook’s new algorithm that helped out a lot. The new algorithm shows you topics specific to your interest so once you looked it up a few times your feed could be overrun with it. Personally I feel like the algorithm played a big role to help us beat out the Olympics and Australia’s own election but that’s just me. What do you think?

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Watching the speech that Scott Pelly gave after accepting the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award really makes you think about the state of journalism and the epidemic that is fake news or false news. I think the best part of the speech is when he brings up how everyone wants to be first. Every journalist wants to get the big story and talk about it first and not fact check their information. Scott recalls a time when he did this with the Newtown shooting. He went ahead with false information to be the first one to have information on the shooting. This pandemic of being first leads to a lot of false information and in some case these can have terrible consequences. The example Scott brings up is after the Boston Marathon bombing innocent people’s names were thrown in as suspects and these names spread all over the internet because someone wanted to be first and was terribly wrong. A more recent example is what happened at Ohio State, within moments of it happening it was all over twitter that there was an active shooter on campus. This was inaccurate information there had been an attack on campus and by the time of all these reports the attacker had already been stopped. In this time of trouble of fake news and bad information I think we need to appreciate good reporting more. I agree with Scott that we don’t need to be first, we need accurate information. We need more honest reporters like Scott Pelly.

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The National Enquirer has been a huge supporter of Donald Trump for a while now. And the National Enquirer is now taking its victory lap because Trump is officially the President-elect. And you can’t really blame them for taking the victory lap because very few media outlets backed President-elect Trump. Here is a link to the National Enquirer’s celebratory article.



I can’t blame a news outlet for celebrating that their candidate won but what I can blame them for is having a specific candidate in the first place. This doesn’t go just for the National Enquirer but almost all news media outlets. I shouldn’t have to read or watch the same story on Fox and CNN to get both sides of a story. We shouldn’t have you to use multiple sources to get a fair even story. There should just be a non-bias news outlet. I understand everyone has their political views and they can differ from mine but why is pushing you politics into your news more important than getting out a correct story. And if something disagrees with the views of the news company or what they want to be said they will omit or change what actually happened.

Two major news sources I like to use are Google news and BBC. BBC although seeming quiet liberal gives me more world news so I can stay more informed about what’s going on around the world. And google news seems to the least biased out of any of the major new sources so I think it’s a good place to get news. However, in my opinion one of the best news sources a YouTube show called Philip Defranco. It’s not that he doesn’t have biases but he lays out all the facts for you informs you about them lets you gain your own opinion through other sources and then gives you his opinion.

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Facebook has recently come under a lot of fire about fake news. This fake news has become a real problem because people will share this news spreading around like it is real. A lot of this fake news is written to sway people’s opinions a certain way and these fake news websites get money from ad revenue with how ever many times their posts gets shared or viewed. So the more outrageous the fake news the more click it might get.

From what I have seen most of this fake news seems to be centered on politics and had a lot to do with the election. One of the more recent news stories I have seen is an article saying that Donald Trump had actually won the popular vote and the article was filled with false statistics.  All you have to do is take a few more seconds to google this and hundreds of articles will show up with the actual numbers.

Do you think all this fake news had an affect on the election? Is there any way to stop this fake news from spreading? Here’s an article that goes more in depth on the topic and it even supplies a list of fake news websites. The Daily Dot.

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joe-biden-memes-01While searching through feedly it was incredibly difficult to find anything about coding. So I decided to just share an article that I found interesting because it is similar to what I did two weeks ago. In the storify article that I made, I tried to tell a whole story through social media and that’s what Keith Wagstaff from Mashable did this week. He just told the story of how people are coping with the presidential election in a more peaceful way, than those rioting, and in a joking manner by making Joe Biden Memes. Here is the article, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. We can all use a break from the all the stress going on.

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On feedly this week I found an interesting article about Facebook and the videos on them. It mostly talked about how to be efficient with your promos on Facebook. It turns out that most people actually watch the videos with the sound off. Which I thought was weird, I assumed most people wanted audio along with the video. That might just be me though.

I think I found it mostly interesting because on Hawktalk (the sports show on 91.7 The Edge) recently we have been doing a Facebook live event before the show. This is kind of a promo for the show where we just answer some questions. And I never thought about people watching with the sound off.

Do you watch your Facebook videos with the sound off or really low? And do you think a live video is really different from other types of promo videos?facebook

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I was not sure how to upload my storify article to my blog. So Here is a link to the article.

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Isn’t online shopping the best? I can just sit in one place and order almost anything I want. Maybe I am in a boring lecture or waiting for someone or something to start. It is incredibly easy to take out my phone and start looking at some new shoes I need. Most of the time I found a nice pair of cleats or a new pair of basketball shoes but I wouldn’t buy it right there from my phone, I would wait till I got to my computer to buy them. And it looks like I am not the only one to do that.

According to “Why Do Mobile Conversion Rates Still Stink?” a lot of people are shopping online but ordering on their phones far less. The numbers actually support that mobile buying should be the highest number because mobile has the highest number of searches. However, it is only responsible for 23 percent of sales because a lot of websites have not adopted a mobile user friendly webpage.

I think if more companies developed a better mobile friendly website, sales would go up. Although most people will continue to online shop if I can’t buy something right when I see it, I may realize I don’t need this item that badly or I don’t want to go to the store and pick it up. What do you think about mobile online shopping?

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