A Warhawk “Prince”

Here at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, there are students who come from all kinds of different walks of life. With the majority either being from Wisconsin or Illinois, UW-W also was the choice of students from outside of the United States, such as sophomore Ruhongeka “Prince” Ntabala.

“I am originally from the Republic Democratic of Congo,” said Ntabala.

Ntabala, who is an economic and computer science major, also comes to Whitewater with talent not only in the classroom but also outside of it. He has a very distinct love for music that he credits to his family.

“My love for music comes from my father,” Ntabala said. “He used to be in a band when he was a teenager, and was the lead singer.”

In regards to his music, Ntabala has high hopes for the future.

“I hope to keep producing for other singers and rappers,” Ntabala said.

Ntabala also said that he enjoys playing soccer, writing and cooking as well.

Unlike most international students who come straight to UW-W from their countries, Ntabala has been here for a while. He also admittedly didn’t have much of an opinion on his new home, since he moved to the Milwaukee area at age 15.

“I don’t have, and didn’t have, much of an opinion on America and the people,” Ntabala said.

Despite being in America for a while, Ntabala wasn’t shy speaking about advice to anyone who comes over for school from a different country.

“Be yourself and follow your heart,” Ntabala said, “but also choose your friends wisely.”

“Party, but don’t forget that the reason you are here is classes,” Ntabala said. “So go to classes, and have a lot of fun.”

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