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Connor Moore: Busiest Student in Whitewater

The world of broadcasting is probably one of the most difficult career fields to get into successfully. Connor Moore, a sophomore at UW-Whitewater, has already made a name for himself at UWW-TV by becoming the co-sports director.


Moore has always had a fascination with sports. He grew up watching the Bears and Bulls. Moore was also a huge Brett Favre fan; obviously not the most usual combination.


While some people dream of being professional athletes, Moore had different dreams. Moore says that ever since he started to watch sports, he has always wanted to be a well-known broadcaster that calls the biggest games on TV.


The opportunities offered here at UW-Whitewater with the TV station are one of the biggest factors that brought Moore here. He says he enjoys the small campus setting. Plus, it would be immensely more difficult to get the hands-on experience in a bigger school.


If he couldn’t get into the broadcasting field, Moore says he would have looked into sports management. “I looked at sports management to become a General Manager one day for a sports team. If Whitewater had sports management, I’d probably double major.”


After a little over a year of broadcasting sports for UWW-TV, Moore says he has already made some great memories. His favorite is the two NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games he announced. “Just the situation and significance of those games made it that much more fun.”


Moore also took over the play-by-play job for Warhawk football games this year. That job is usually reserved for some of the older students, but Moore made such an impression on the executives that he got the job.


Being a co-sports director has both perks and downsides. Moore says he is worried about possibly being the “weak link” compared to Andrea, the other sports director.


However, Moore is looking forward to doing what he loves: announcing sports and being around the athletes.


After his college career, Moore hopes to get into more high-profile sports broadcasting. “ESPN has and always will be the main goal.”

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