Darlington High School Hosts First Ever Night Game

History was made in the little town of Darlington, Wi. this past Friday night when the high school football team played its first ever home night game.

Thanks to very generous donations by four local farmers the Darlington Redbirds were able to bring in movable lights and play a night game in Darlington for the first time.

With afternoon games being a longstanding tradition for Darlington the mold was finally broken this past Friday night after over $10 thousand dollars were donated for the lights to be brought in from Indiana.

It was homecoming for Darlington and rival Mineral Point was in town to take on the undefeated Redbirds with former ‘Birds coach Andy Palzkill now the head coach for the Pointers. “It was a great atmosphere here tonight, I definitely felt odd being on the other sidelines tonight” said Palzkill.

The Redbirds were able to get off to a fast start against the Pointers and never looked back. Leading 49-0 at halftime, Darlington was able to give its starters a rest the second half and coast to a easy 56-0 victory.

With the inability to host night games due to not having lights on a permanent basis Darlington is in jeopardy of not being able to host a playoff game due to the WIAA rules making the first round games mandatory on Friday nights. “It is our hope that we will raise the necessary amount of money we need to have lights on a permanent basis” said Darlington head coach Scott Zywicki.

The lights were not the only thing on display for the community on Friday night as the high school also unveiled a new concession stand that was made possible by community donations.

In what seemed like a town festival atmosphere the first night game in Darlington history could not have been a bigger success.

It was quite the scene with both home and away bleachers being filled, fans were forced to watch the game from the grassy hill and along the fence line. The size of the crowd got even the older players excited to play. “It was the most nervous I have been for a game this season for sure” said senior running back Tanner Wiegel.

With the lights that were used to light up the field being seen from towns away the surrounding area could just look to the sky to know night games had finally arrived to the town of Darlington.

Steve Jobs Gives Commencement Speech for Stanford’s Graduates


Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Inc. gave the 2005 Stanford graduating class a commencement speech today that included stories about pursuing your dreams in life and learning from life’s setbacks.

Jobs had just three stories that he wanted to share to the graduating class. The first was about “connecting the dots.”

In this story Jobs goes into detail about his biological parents putting him up for adoption after finding out he was not a girl. He was then refused by his adoptive parents after learning Jobs’ mother did not graduate college and his father did not graduate high school. He was only taken in when Jobs’ biological mother promised the adoptive parents that he would go to colleg It was in college that Jobs’ decided to take a typesetting class. At the time Jobs’ found no practical use for this knowledge, but he absolutely loved it.

It was not until ten years later while creating the Macintosh computer that Jobs’ found this knowledge to be useful as he used this to create all the fonts in his word formats. “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” Said Jobs.

Jobs’ second story was about “love and loss.”  Jobs’ talked about how he and his good friend Woz started Apple in the garage of his parents’ house. In a ten years’ time they turned it into a $2 billion company with over 4,000 employers. Jobs’ was then fired from his own company after he and the man Jobs’ hired had a falling out over the future of the company. The board of directors sided with the new guy and Jobs’ was out.

“Getting fired from Apple turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Jobs. “The heaviness of being successful was replaced with the lightness of being a beginner again.” In this time Jobs started a new company called NeXT, another company called Pixar, and married his wife. Apple then bought NeXT and Jobs’ was back where he started just five years earlier. Jobs told the crowd that none of this would have happened had he never gotten fired from Apple. “Life is going to hit you in the head with a brick, keep going.” said Jobs.

Jobs’ last story was about his near death experience just a few months ago. Jobs was told he had inoperable prostate cancer and had just months to live. Luckily during a second test the doctors realized it was a rare case of case that was operable. Surgery was done and and Jobs is now cancer free.

This story was about living everyday like it is your last and to never take anything for granted.

Jobs ended his speech with a quote from Stewart Brand, the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog. He told the graduates to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” said Jobs.


Packers fall to 49ers in season opener

The Green Bay Packers found themselves in the exact same position they were in eight months ago, in San Francisco battling the 49ers who defeated the Packers 48-31 last season to end Green Bay’s year.  On Sunday Packers fans were forced to watch a lot of the same as the 49ers put up  over 500 yards of total offense, including 412 yards passing by quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick torches the Packers Defense








Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a nice start to the season throwing for 333 yards and threes touchdowns.  Rodgers lone dull spot of the game came on a pass that went off the hands of tight end Jermichael Finely and into the hands of a 49ers defender.

Packers look to rebound next week where they will take on RGIII and the Washington Redskins at home next Sunday.