Running for a Cause



For Farit Kuri-Azamar, running has always been a hobby since his cross-country days in high school.


Once his competitive running days were over he was aware he could still run for something. Relay for Life presented that opportunity for him.


“I just wanted to give something back to my community,” he said, “I know a lot of people that have been affected by cancer somehow in their lives.”


Kuri-Azamar didn’t take this opportunity lightly. He made it into a full-time job raising money until the big event.


On weekends, he would spend his Saturdays next to brat stands dressed up in a hot dog costume, making people laugh, but most importantly raising a ton of money.

A lot of people knew who Kuri-Azamar was because he was always a happy and outgoing person. He used it to his advantage saying, “I figured if I used all my resources and connections, I could raise a good amount of money.”


Over the course of the year as the date came closer for Relay for Life, the money he had raised piled up. Never in his life had he thought he would have this much impact on a small town. “It became a lot bigger than I ever imagined it would be.”


“There were so many people that were willing to help out because it was for a good cause,” he said with a proud grin on his face. When Relay for Life came around Kuri-Azamar had raised $6,252.00.


The hardest part wasn’t over yet because there was still running to do. His goal was to run/walk non-stop from sunrise to sundown. “What kept me motivated is trying to outdo myself, just challenging myself to do more, do better.”


Throughout the day people from the community would bring Kuri-Azamar food and water during his run/walk. A group of kids even ran behind him like the movie ‘Forest Gump.’


He was determined to raise awareness for cancer and he was successful by completing 75 miles on his Relay for Life run/walk.




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