Blog Changes

The big change I made to my blog was changing the header to include pictures that I have taken. This incorporates my own work outside of writing and also gives the blog a nice personal touch. I don’t have to go through the hassle of giving credit to someone else if I used their picture. I also added the widgets that I thought would be the most useful. I put the Twitter roll first so people can be connected on social media in another setting besides the blog. This gives another outlet for them to read my work. I then put a calendar to give a time frame. They can see when I post and if I do it regularly or not. The final widget I had was recent posts. Readers can click on my recent posts just by seeing the title rather than having to scroll through everything. The blog becomes more accessible as a result of this. The final big change I made was to my theme. I didn’t want or need to it to be overly fancy so I chose a simple design that is also very slick and works. The changes I made based on the things learned in this class heavily influenced and benefited the layout of my blog.

Turner extends Snaphchat partnership

In yet another story involving Snapchat, Turner announce that they are extending. Turner is a media giant and they are currently partnered with Snapchat but see the huge benefits currently as well as what the future will bring. They are focusing on giving more in depth looks at events using Snapchat’s popular discover feature. Bleacher Report and CNN are both going to have a more immersive discover spotlight. In addition to those two, Snapchat will be adding discover stories for many Turner brands including TBS, Adult Swim, truTV, and Great Big Story. Turner is trying to primarily target millennials with this expansion.


This is such a great idea for Turner because Snapchat is such a popular app that incorporating their own content into the app will give them exposure, not that they need any. The discover story is getting bigger and bigger on Snapchat because people really enjoy being able to see behind the scenes at big events, especially ones run by Turner, where they have access to it all. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and PGA Championship are both part of Turner sports so Snapchat shows what it is like when these events are going on. I also found it interesting that they mentioned targeting millennials because Turner is also involved in the growing Esports scene. It was just announce the League of Legends Final had more viewers than the Stanley Cup Final. Turner currently produces ELEAGUE which is a show on TBS that features the popular game, Counter Strike. Between their involvement in Esports and all they are doing with Snapchat, Turner is really putting their money in the right places.



Scott Pelley Speech

The speech was very informative and it gave a lot of inside into the new age of journalism. The idea that there is so much information available to write on is very good, but then he says that this means there is a lot of false information as well. This makes it hard because a writer must make sure that the information they’re writing on is valid. It is very easy to see a report or article and want to believe it even though it’s not true. The other very interesting thing he said is that nobody remembers the person who posted first but if something false is posted, everyone will remember. We are just in a day and age now where information must be double checked before it is posted. He also stated that so many people are writers and not editors and this is important because so much information might be posted without making sure it is true and this is how these false stories get posted. The speech definitely gave insight into the problems that can come with so much information available to journalists.

Social Media influences the way people vote

Facebook had their advertisement to encourage people to go out and vote and it really did help. Facebook is now the center of a another Mashable article, regarding how articles can change a person’s opinion. These articles tend to be fake on Facebook as well, even though CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied that fake articles have any influence o people changing opinion. According to the study, people who changed their minds about Hillary Clinton were three times more negative than positive, while people who changed their minds about Trump, were five times more negative than positive. Nearly 20 percent of people in the study said that they had their mind changed in some sort of way.

I think that it is fairly obvious that articles will change the way people think whether the article is fake or not. It is pretty common that I see a fake article that someone shared and other people like it or comment on it as if it was a real and valid article. It doesn’t take much research to Google whether or not it is true, but it just goes back to people believing what they see on the internet. Political Facebook posts often to have lots of discussion and arguing in the comments so this could help to change a person’s opinion as well. I think people need to research more into anything they are reading on Facebook before they would change their mind.

Snapchat sunglasses could be privacy disaster

Snapchat unveiled its new sunglasses on Thursday and people immediately brought up the privacy disaster that may come with them. The glasses are very colorful and make it obvious what they are, especially considering they are glasses with cameras in them. This will allow for people to go out and still be protected from the sun while also being able to Snapchat without pulling out their phones. The sunglasses connect to the internet and then upload directly to the user’s Snapchat account, allowing all of their friends to see. Critics pointed out the invasion of privacy that could come as their every move can be watched while wearing them.

The “Spectacles” are a novelty and as the article states, they almost appear to be a toy, rather than a piece of technology. This may lead to people wearing the glasses without even thinking once about their glasses invading their privacy. The article does point out that people wear sunglasses outside where they are in the public and expect to be seen. They may not care about hiding anything so it might not be a big deal to them. Either way, these do allow for hackers or whoever it may be to literally see exactly what a person is doing and propose a security threat, but at least it will make it easier for them to Snapchat.

Facebook launches app to compete with Snapchat

Facebook has released another application to join their arsenal, this time rivaling Snapchat. Flash, as they called it, allows viewers to send and share video messages. These messages even have filters like Snapchat that allow for users to make their photos unique. The big benefit of Facebook’s app is that it is targeted for demographics with poor cellular data and WiFi accessibility. The app is also very small in file size so it won’t take up a lot of storage and will be easier to download. The first market this app is being launched in is Brazil, and it will then be released to other markets.


This app is different than all of Facebook’s other applications because this one isn’t being released to simply make more money. I believe that they released this app to benefit people who wouldn’t normally be able to use an app like Snapchat. They want to give users this experience and plan to do so in an efficient manner. This will give them this experience and if it works, Facebook may release to everyone to simply give them a different experience that may even be better than Snapchat. Facebook continues to develop new things that move technology forward.

Facebook encourages people to vote

Anyone who logged into Facebook from September 23rd-Septemeber 26th most likely saw that the social media site had a big banner that encouraged people to get registered to vote. They not only reminded people but also provided a direct link to so the people could do it with ease. This actually had a big impact as 16 states reported that the number of voters who registered during this time period increased significantly. There may be other factors as Joss Whedon had a video reminding people to vote on Tuesday, November 8th go viral, but Facebook most likely had a very large impact nonetheless.


It is very interesting that this occurred because who knows if people would have even realized that they were registered or not. This may bring a lot more voters to the polls this Tuesday than would have previously gone. There have also been commercials by President Obama that encourage people to go out and vote but I think it is very important for a social media site to do it because they have very different demographics. This also just goes to show what a social media site as big and powerful as Facebook can do when they choose to post an announcement like this. Without showing any bias, they encourage people to get out and have a say in the direction this country is moving which is a great thing. Facebook and other social media powerhouses can really get word out to the public in an easy and efficient way and this has a very beneficial impact on our society.

Twitter shuts down Vine
Twitter is shutting down its partner company Vine in the upcoming months. Vine was founded in 2012 and allows for users to post 7 second videos that loop after finishing. It allowed for people to really express themselves in a quick and easy format. Another big benefit that comes with Vine is that it can be posted to other social media sites very easily and be played automatically. Twitter owns Vine so Twitter allows for this and even gives you the option of posting to Twitter right from Vine. It is commonly seen on Twitter and it works very effectively alongside text or simply by itself.
Vine is very popular but its compatibility is what makes it even more surprising that they are choosing to shut it down. It is very common to see a sports club post highlights with vine because it is quick and easy. The videos will automatically play in the post and repeat until you stop it or scroll past it. It is unclear if Twitter has plans to replace Vine and maybe integrate something directly in Twitter. The shut down of Vine did come with letting 9% of their workers go. Vine will still be able to be accessed in the next few months but after that, it will be no more.