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Black Friday 2014

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Doane's Buick Le Sabre was struck on the driver side, leaving the driver door inoperable.

Doane’s Buick Le Sabre was struck on the driver side, leaving the driver door inoperable.

KITTATINNY, Pa. – Kittatinny mayor Gustavus G. Petykiewicz faces up to 10 years in prison after a near-fatal crash to another citizen last Saturday around 1 p.m. Robert H. Doane was operating his 1997 Buick Le Sabre, heading northbound on State Highway 117 when Petykiewicz struck him with his 2006 Ford Explorer.

Deputy Gordon J. Slivovitz, reporting deputy on the scene, approached the Ford and found an open, half-empty bottle of Fleischmann’s vodka on the passenger-side floor. With odor permeating from the vehicle and Petykiewicz’s slurred speech, Slivovitz held a consented-to breath test.

Petykiewicz’s blood alcohol content was .14, above Pennsylvania’s legal limit of .08. The mayor was immediately placed under arrest and transported to Schuylkill County Jail, where wife Gloria Petykiewicz arrived soon after to post the cash bail of $500.

“You’d be drinking, too, if you were me,” responded Petykiewicz after asked if he had been drinking. “Do you think we could just keep this quiet? I’m the mayor of Kittatinny.”

A preliminary hearing will be held in Schuylkill County District Court Tuesday at 9 a.m. According to Robert J. Morgenthau, Schuylkill County District Attorney, the mayor will face a maximum prison charge of 10 years by causing intensive injury to another citizen with intoxicated motor vehicle use.

The injured citizen, Doane, was airlifted with a Flight for Life helicopter and flown to Northeast Pennsylvania Hospital and Tramua Center in Wilkes-Barre. Here, he was diagnosed with several broken ribs, a broken jaw, and various abrasions and contusions to the head, chest and abdominal area.

The Kittatinny city council plans to hold an emergency meeting tonight to discuss the short-term future plans for the city. Several candidates, including Kittatinny police chief Roman Hruska have expressed interest in the now open mayor position.

“We knew that Kittatinny had financial problems, but not a mayor who had personal problems as well,” said Denelda Penoyer, president of the Kittatinny City Council. “This is a day that our city won’t soon forget.”
Deputy Slivovitz responded to the scene a few minutes after 1 p.m., being summoned from a dispatch report of a 911 call for a traffic accident. The incident was located at the intersection of State Highway 117 and Fonebone Road in the town of Frotenac, Schuylkill County.

“The Ford approached from the west on Fonebone road and appeared to hesitate at the stop sign,” reported scene witness Alice Q. Magarian. It “then pulled into the intersection, crossing into the road and striking the Buick on its driver side.”

Both vehicles were found upright in a farmer’s field. The Buick carried heavy damage to its driver side and was inoperable. The Ford had carried immense damage to its front end and also was inoperable.

The Buick operator, bleeding profusely from the head, was disoriented and complaining of abdominal pain. Doane wore a seatbelt at the time of the incident despite his Buick’s lack of airbags.

The Ford owner had deployed his front and side airbags but was not wearing a seat belt. Petykiewicz did not appear to have received injuries.

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Coming to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) has proven to be a transition barrier for minority students. Surrounded by not only new faces, but several unfamiliar cultures at the same time can be cause for a feeling of “distance.”

Perhaps being alone for the first time, these students feel uncomfortable pushing outside of their comfort boundaries to get to know those “different from them.” Living with this fear could be cause for social disaster.

“Sometimes we don’t put ourselves out there for fear of rejection,” explains Dr. Sue Wildermuth, a UWW Communications professor specializing in international diversity. “The stress of meeting new people along with language or dialect barriers leads to this xenophobia (fear of the unknown).”

According to Dr. Wycliffe W. Njororai Simiyu’s report on the “Challenges of Being a Black Student Athlete on U.S. College Campuses,” this misconnection occurs quite frequently for minority members. If the campus life is not appealing to the minority student, then that student will ultimately withdraw and connect from the student body.

It is extremely easy to cater towards the majority, as most people experiencing your product, event, etc. will then enjoy it. The more that the organization focuses on providing a diversity-welcoming experience, the more every student will feel welcome as a part of the student body.

Fortunately, there are some stories available depicting a minority individual leading a successful life at UW-Whitewater. Mitchell Williams has been able to fit in by involving himself in activities like the wrestling team and working at the Young Auditorium.

Being in the black minority, Williams was initially afraid of not being able to fit in. After immersing himself in extracurriculars, however, he began to feel like he belonged to the UWW student body.

“We all have the same goals we try to achieve,” explains Williams. “I don’t feel like it’s any harder for me.”

This tactic is exactly what Dr. Wildermuth prescribes as well. If minority students can put themselves out there, seek out useful academic resources, and go to places of self-interest, they will find success. Ultimately, it’s all about getting out of your own clique and comfort zone.

After trying all of these methods, sometimes a student will still feel “unaccepted.” This is the point where the university or college needs to step in.

“If UWW can help to create clubs and organizations catered to the minorities, these minority individuals will be more successful in college,” advises UWW student Kalie Ausprung. “Any of these group activities are the right start to welcoming these students.”

Another solution is incorporating classes furnished towards both the white student body and the minorities on campus, as proposed by Trinity College’s President Jones.

Overall, UW-Whitewater and its students need to be active in including those who belong to a poorly represented culture or background. We have the opportunity to become a staple for hosting minorities on our campus and making sure they feel welcome in our student body.

Even though these individuals may be seen as “different”, there is nothing worse than feeling unwelcome.

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Steve Jobs addressed the Stanford College Graduates today in celebration of all their efforts the past few years. He pulled many crucial life lessons into the focus, concentrating on things such as connecting the dots, love and loss and death.

Jobs is a figure of great prominence and success, something that can be easily related to those apart of Stanford College as well. Even though he largely talked about himself, many themes found throughout his speech could be applied to the graduates as well.

Actually, Jobs’ first point about connecting the dots centered around lessons he learned during his short time at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Spending much of his poverty-stricken parents’ savings on a college that meant nothing to him was just cause for disaster.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out,” explained Jobs. After much consideration, Jobs dropped out after just six months and later described it as one of his best life decisions.

Through dropping out, Jobs was then able to aspire to his interests in taking different calligraphy classes. Here, he learned crucial technology lessons that he applied to his Macintosh computers.

This event in history would lead to Job’s second speech point – love and loss.

Through all of this technology training, Jobs was able to become a crucially effective employee at Atari, Inc. along with his future Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz). By 1976, Woz had single-handedly invented the Apple I computer, bringing the computer know-how of Jobs and Woz into the profit-making business field.

After its inception, Apple went through several leadership changes. One of the most important management moves occurred in 1983, when Jobs convinced Pepsi-Cola’s John Sculley to become Apple’s CEO.

By 1985, prospective future actions for Apple had become different plans between Jobs and Sculley. Through several arguments involving Sculley, the Apple board of directors and an attempted boardroom coup, Jobs was left as a fired man from the company he helped to start.

“It was awful tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it,” explained Jobs. “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”

Jobs was able to capitalize on this opportunity by starting things with his very own, fresh ideas. These creative innovations led to the invention of NeXT computers along with computer animation company Pixar.

This led to the third life lesson Jobs had prepared for the Harvard Graduates – Death.

To put it into other words, Jobs emphasized the importance of treating everyday as something crucially important: “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”

In living by these words, Jobs effectively became the incredibly successful man he is today. If he felt like he was leading himself down an unpleasant path after so many days, he would make sure to correct that path to where it satisfied his future plans in the long run.

After living each day to its fullest potential, eventually the apparent end loomed near for Jobs. In October of 2003, the Apple CEO was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Luckily, Jobs had developed an extremely rare form of the life-threatening condition that could be cured through surgery. Nearly escaping death, the now cancer survivor was able to return to Apple and continue his groundbreaking work.

He rebounded with create innovations such as the iPhone and iPod, which became technology landmarks for all other electronics companies to shoot for.

Jobs concluded his landmark speech by leaving the Harvard Graduates with a few final life lessons. They revolved around having the courage to live for yourself and not being too mindful of the thoughts from those that could only bring you down.

After the heavy-hitting life lessons and vastly important stories were through, the Apple CEO left all those listening at Harvard with a few choice words that have effected his life ever since he was a young boy:

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

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Around 7:30p.m. last Thursday night, pitch black filled the Hicklin Studio Theatre. Suddenly, erupting with light came the figure of a young woman holding a birdcage and a vacuum. Neil Haven’s play “Come Back” had officially just got underway.

The play, which took Haven around a year and a half to write, focused on several themes that left audience members thinking. By the end of the hour and a half running time, the audience had witnessed things such as grief, death, nonconformity, and choosing what’s important in your life.

“I don’t write plays with messages,” said Haven. “Different audience members will resonate with different ideas.” This is certainly true, as each audience member will come into a production experiencing different life events and believing different morals.

****“Come Back” was a student-run, professionally written play put on at UW-Whitewater’s Center of the Arts from October 6-12. The production was written by Neil Haven, directed by Angela Lannone, and featured the acting and production talent of UW-Whitewater students.

The play was essentially based around a certain woman’s (Sky) grievances over her dead partner (Erin). After the death of her spouse, Sky was given a crucial life choice.

She was ordered to partake in a journey to find a suitable resting place for Erin’s ashes. If not, a substantial donation to the American Nazi party would be made in her name as punishment.

One of the most peculiar assets to the play was the rotating cast throughout the week of showings. Any gender could play any role, meaning this play was incredibly versatile and could work out for either a large actor crew or a smaller one as well. Ultimately, it was up to the director how the actors would be played out during the week of showings.

Jackie Piper, the sound designer, was easily a prominent advocate and face for all those working on the play. Beginning her work for “Come Back” all the way back since the end of May, she put in a lot of time and effort to make her end of the play sound as professional as possible. Since she worked so hard on it, the best way to thank her would have been to gone and seen the play for yourself:

“Students should come see the play because it supports part of their school. It’s [the play] is interesting and relates to the general public. It’s not your average play, but instead has an amazing story.”

The driving force behind the play, Neil Haven, has surrounded himself with theatre for the last 10 years. One of the best ways to prove a writer’s skill in playwriting is by getting direct reactions from the audience members themselves.

All those who partook in the play as an audience member left the studio theatre with a smile on their face. Kalie Ausprung, an avid fan of theatre productions, especially took the play to heart.

“I really loved the ending. Everything kind of tied together and all things that were a mystery came to light at the very end of the play!”

The UW-Whitwater Theatre Department will be back on October 25, 2014 for the children’s play “Nate the Dragon” at 2p.m. in the Barnett Theatre.

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[KITTATINNY] Mayor Gustavus Petykiewicz unveiled the most controversial budget plan the city has ever seen today at City Hall.

Due to the downgrades and job layoffs over at Susquehanna Steel Corp., the Mayor has been forced to make several tough decisions. The biggest budget revisions revolved around the Kittatinny police force, city garbage pick up, and inevitable tax increases.

In order to make up for lost funds, the mayor proposed to no longer staff the Kittatinny police early shift from 4 a.m. to noon. Instead, all emergency calls will be re-routed to the Schuylkill County sheriff.

Along with this, home garbage pickup will be taken off the tax levy and instead will become a part of a home’s city water bill. Tioga Sanitation Company will continue to provide weekly garbage pickup.

The mayor suggested another tax increase as well. The tax rate will rise from 4 mills to 4.3 mills, which is $430 on a $100,000 house. All three of these additions have taken quite the toll on the mayor’s popularity as a city leader:

“I come to you with a heavy heart, these are not actions I take lightly. We are in a state of financial emergency.”

The Kittatinny city council has until December 1 to review and pass the proposed revisions. Several high-ranking members of the city voiced their opinions in rebuttal to the heavy-hitting ideas put forth by Mayor Petykiewicz.

Roman Hruska, chief of the police department, was the most vocal in pointing out that Kittatinny could not be deprived of regular police protection for a third of the day. However, Bjarne Westhoff, president of the Local 34 Pennsylvania Police Association, pointed out that the city council would not let this proposition come into action.

Moving forward, the biggest challenge for Kittatinny citizens will be the struggle to find new jobs. After Susquehanna Steel Corp decommissioned one blast furnace, 600 family supporting jobs were lost. Job loss and a struggling economy is a recipe for disaster for all those affected.

Mayor Petykiewicz, in response to this travesty, is planning to initiate job re-training. This plan was enacted to give special job re-training to jobless individuals who lost their industry job to a foreign country.

Kittatinny city leaders are also planning to cut their salaries by 10 percent for the benefit of the city. Considering the current financial situation, any way to cut costs will help the city in the long run. Denela Penoyer, president of the Kittatinny City Council, was the first public figure to talk about this specific crisis:

“This situation will have to result in hardship for some people.”

The Mayor, Kittatinny City Council, and other city leaders have a big responsibility to resurface from a sunken economic situation. The faith of the citizens are ultimately resting on their shoulders to get Kittatinny out of a financial cri

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carrie underwoodYou know you’ve “made it” in your musical career when you’ve sold more than 15 million albums, earned 18 number one hits, and six Grammys. At this point, you also begin to sell out every single show that you play as well.

Carrie Underwood has become quite the power player within the Country Music scene. This summer, Country Music enthusiast Ellie Christensen had the opportunity to become a member of a sold out Underwood show at Ravinia Festival (Illinois).

“I’ve been listening to Carrie for ten years. It was amazing to be at a concert where I knew every song.”

To put the show into perspective, this wasn’t a normal country environment for Underwood to perform at. Since the concert was held in Illinois, country music isn’t as popular there like in the more southern states of our country. According to Christensen, usually a county show contains enough plaid clothing to go around. This specific show however, was a little less keen on all out country wear.

Even with this information, the show definitely was a hit with Christensen. Right now in popular culture media, the validated stories of Underwood’s pregnancy with husband Mike Fisher are circling around everywhere. During the show, Underwood took the time out of her performance to talk about the baby situation to her dear and wondering fans.

“At one point when the music had stopped, Carrie took a minute to talk back with her fans. She made a bunch of pregnancy jokes and even dissed her own outfit! It just made me love the concert and Carrie even more.”

If you are a Carrie Underwood fan or just a country music fan in general, being apart of a Carrie Underwood concert is a great experience for all. When you combine the talents of a singer and all the accolades she has accumulated over the years, you are in for a showing of musical masterpiece.

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The purpose of this blog is namely for Professor Kates’ class: Reporting for News Media class. Throughout the semester, I will be going into detail about different things regarding my DJ career and all things Electronic Dance Music (EDM)!

First off, I should start off with my introduction and such. My name is DJ McCoy’s Boy! For all those wondering, my name is indeed derived from Star Trek. To be more particular, it comes from Leonard McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise in the Original Series (and new Star Trek movies!) This whole DJ thing has really been the coolest thing that I have undertaken in my whole life. It really is something that has been both equally challenging and rewarding. Getting my name out there and trying to get people to not only listen to my works, but come see me DJ live has been quite the adventure.  I started messing around on music mixing programs in the summer of 2012 and played my first show on March 15, 2013. As of the summer of 2014, I have played in Wisconsin, Illinois, and even Missouri! I really hope that this whole DJ thing can take me to places like California, New York, and maybe even Europe someday. Currently I am signed to a Scottish record label called “The Chop Shop Digital” as their label DJ.

The type of music that I mostly play during shows is indeed, EDM, but can be narrowed down even farther. Even though it is always good to play all sorts of EDM during the course of a show, my two favorite sub-genres are Hardstyle and Progressive House. EDM, in essence, is much more popular over in Europe. However, it is quickly making its way overseas to the United States. I fully believe that by the time my children are my age, EDM will become the most popular genre out of any music. It has been slowly making its way into the Top 40 charts and radio stations. 3 of the most notable radio-friendly EDM tunes have been “Clarity” by Zedd, “Summer” by Calvin Harris, and “Summertime Sadness” by Cedric Gervais and Lana Del Ray.

In the upcoming semester, you can look forward to an insight into the life of a DJ including what goes on behind the scenes of making music and mixing music together. ALSO, show recaps! With each article of myself I will definitely include a DJ picture of myself in action!



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