UW-Whitewater Master Plan Makes Final Details

UW-Whitewater Master Plan

In 2014 the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater made their final details to the Master Plan. The plan is awaiting proposal from the UW Board of Regents.

Several faculty members on campus spoke with us about the final proposal. Included were Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Jeff Arnold, Interim Athletic Director, Amy Edmonds, Director of Residence Life, Jeff Bartlett, and Assistant Director of Facility Planning and Management, Tami McCullough.



Rolling Stones Author Visits Whitewater

Could you ever imagine traveling along with your icon for nearly two decades? That is what one journalist did for 17 years of his life.

Journalist and author, Bill German, followed his beloved and punishing English rock band, the “Rolling Stones”.

German, Born in Sept. 1962, started out as he would describe, “a typical fan”. All he needed was to hear was one “Rolling Stones” song from the speakers of his sisters bedroom, and he was hooked.

German started his first ever newsletter of the group in Oct. 1978, known as the “Beggars Banquet”, was “Keith Dont Go” about Keith Richards was arrested for drugs.

He called it “Beggars banquet” because of a stones album and because it could be a banquet of stones knowledge that beggars could afford.

As German started his quest to become a journalist for the “Stones”, he did all he could to become noticed. German found sources throughout New York, such as people who were at clubs, and wrote about it.

In 1981, German made a life changing decision, when he dropped out of New York University, to follow the band.

His first breakthrough was in 1981, in the “Tattoo You” tour, German got backstage for Keith Richards birthday party. This was what German needed, in order to live his dream.

After a couple more “Beggars Banquet” fanzines, German got the call he had always dreamed for. 1983, German said, “I got a phone call from management, and got asked to be the official magazine of the band. It wasn’t even a dream come true, because it never seemed possible”

As the official magazine for the band, German was given nearly full access to the band. On Germans 21st birthday, he interviewed Mick Jagger for the first time.

Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards called Mick a “Nice bunch of guys” because of his multiple personalities.

German, like many other fans of the group, knew head guitarist Keith Richards was an alcoholic. Richards admitted in his first interview with German, recalling, “(Richards) knew he screwed up because it almost cost him the most precious thing is his life, the Rolling Stones.”

In Feb. 1984, the first official “Beggars Banquet” was released. German was now part of the group, so they had the final say for what goes into the fanzine.

German knew in the first few years, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards had hated each other. Although German knew, he could not make it public in the fanzine.

In 1986, Fellow guitarist Ronnie Wood wrote an autobiography called “The Works” authored by German. The books release party was without one member, Mick Jagger, which hurt Wood.

In 1989, the band recorded an album called “Steel Wheels” and received $65 million guaranteed by a ticket promoter. The band reconciled and became hard to work with the band.

German said, “It soured me a bit.” This was the last time German would write for the group and was his last issue of the “Beggars Banquet”.

German called it quits after 17 years with the band. He retired in 1996, at 33 years-old and finished with 102 issues of the fanzine.

German said after retiring, “I had no regrets about doing what I did, and had no regrets about quitting.”

German wrote a book about his experience with the band, called “Under Their Thumb”, titled after the infamous song, “Under My Thumb”.



Jefferson County Board Meeting Gets Heated

Tuesday, March 11, the Jefferson County Board meeting featured a turbulent discussion that raised many questions from other board members.

A heated debate about a highway shop on a geothermal system that would cost roughly $345,000, was the main topic. Council member Donald Reese presented the information, that raised several questions and resolutions from other board members.

Written in the initial document state that the upfront cost to get a formal bid is approximately $35,000. Furthermore, the payback of construction costs for the system would be 69 years.

Many council member spoke about this proposed Geothermal system, including Council member Dick Schultz. Schultz said, “We have a responsibility to look down the road and look to the future to look at green energy. That being said, geothermal doesn’t make sense.”

Current estimates of utility savings for the system are in the range of $5,000 per year, yielding a 69 year payback.

Council member Greg Torres stated, “A 69% payback is ridiculous,” and also said, “I am glad that at my last County Board meeting we can be rescinding a bad piece of green policy.”

The final version passed and removed the geothermal system, but urged the county Infrastructure Committee to still look for alternative energy sources on future projects.

Other major news of the meeting features the approval of the contract with the sheriff’s deputies. Although there was not much discussion, many members were happy over the approval.

The contract with Jefferson County runs from Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2016, and includes three yearly wage increases.

In other news from the meeting

-The Daily Jefferson County Union was appointed as the county’s official newspaper

Both the Daily Jefferson County Union and the Watertown Daily Times solicited proposals to the Administration and Rules Committee for the next two years, beginning April 15, 2014.

The cost differential for an equal amount of publications in 2014 would be roughly $1,850 per year, less in the Watertown Daily Times.

The Daily Jefferson County Union will cost approximately 5.9% more, but reaches 91% more people that the Times.

-The Jefferson County Highway Committee was hard at work as well recently. They received bids on pre-mixed asphalt (e-1) products needed in 2014.

The bids are for the Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) projects for the Town Of Farming on Sunshine Road, the Village of Sullivan on Main Street, and the Village of Johnson Creek on North Watertown Street.

  • Awarded was Wolf Paving who offered $43.90 per ton of surface material and $40.20 per ton of binder
  • Approved was Rock Road Co., Inc. who offered $47.00 per ton of surface material and $46.00 per ton of binder.
  • Approved was Payne an Dolan, Inc. who offered $45.05 per ton of surface material and $41.95 per ton of binder.



Whitewater P.D. Reaches K-9 Goal

WHITEWATER – The Whitewater Police Department has reached their $45,000 goal to implement a K-9 unit. Entering 2014 the department was approximately $12,000 short of their goal.

Whitewater Police say Stan Kass, Brown Deer, Wis., donated the remaining $12,000 to the department. “Mr. Kass is a strong supporter of several Wisconsin police K-9 units and he generously donated the funds necessary to fill the remaining fundraising gap,” according to Chief of Police, Lisa Otterbacher. Kass is the owner of Skylark Automatic Vending Inc. in Milwaukee, Wis.

Chief Otterbacher also said, “I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to out supporters for your assistance in our department’s effort to start this new endeavor.”

The department has selected Steinig Tal Kennels of Cambellsport, Wis. to purchase and train the canine. Whitewater P.D. will be actively interviewing sworn personnel applicants to function as the canines handler.

Once the handler and canine have been selected the squad will go through a diligent two week training course at Steinig Tal Kennels. Currently there are over 15,000 law enforcement agencies that utilize K9 units to serve and protect their communities.

After the canine and handler have gone through training, the canine will go through a swearing in ceremony. Whitewater P.D. says “it is require in order for the canine to be treated as an officer in the eyes of the law, and allow us to enforce any criminal action using our K-9 partner.”

The second annual K-9 Run/Walk will take place on Sunday, June 8. The event is expecting more than 300 runners this year.