Steve Jobs speaks at Stanford

Cofounder of Apple Computer Inc., Steve Jobs, spoke about life and death in his commencement address to Stanford University graduates.

Jobs, now 50-years-old, Jobs started Apple in 1979 with Steve “Woz” Wozniak. Woz is a long time friend of Jobs and the cofounder of Apple, which was started in Jobs’ parents’ garage.

“You’ve got to find what you love,” Jobs said.

Doing what he loved, Jobs sold his first computer in 1977 to West Coast Computer Fraire. He was then one of the youngest people to make Forbes list of the nation’s richest people.

The company started in the Silicon Valley of California. The Valley is the fast pace part of California where most high-technology corporations start.

Jobs continued to do what he loved as Apple continued to progress as a company. Jobs hired John Sculley III as CEO of the company. However, the partnership ended two years later when Jobs was fired from Apple.

Jobs attended Reed College, located in Portland, Oregon, right after high school, but soon dropped out. He did continue to take a few classes at the college, including a calligraphy class.

Once working on the computers for Apple with Woz, Jobs recalled what he had learned from the class and added it to the computers. His personal computers with calligraphy added opened gates for all personal computer companies.

After leaving Apple Jobs continued to pursue his passion and started a company called NeXT Inc. This company built a personal computer and is an operating system, which became the basis for the World Wide Web.

Jobs also began to fund a company call The Graphics Group which was later renamed Pixar Animation Studios. The first computer-animated film came out by Pixar in 1995 and is called Toy Story.

Four years before Toy Story came out Jobs married his wife, Laurene Powell, in 1991.

Soon after his marriage and the launch of Pixar, Jobs began to connect the dots in his life. He realized all the events after leaving Apple had lead him to Powell.

NeXT was then bought by Apple in 1997 and Jobs was back in the business. Jobs didn’t know the reason to getting fired by Apple when it was happening, but once he looked back he knew it had to happen in order for him to get to where he was at.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward,” Jobs said.

He had believed and trusted in his future and that everything would be okay in his life. He passes these words of wisdom to the graduates. He tells them to have faith in something, whether that is fate or karma, and to follow their heart and it’ll lead them down the path they are meant for.

In 2003 Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, but after a biopsy doctors learned Jobs could undergo surgery and be perfectly healthy. After “connecting the dots” and escaping cancer Jobs was living life to the fullest.

“No one wants to die…and yet death is the destination we all share,” Jobs said.

He has continued to live life to the fullest. Jobs says death is a way of clearing out the old to make room for the new, which is what he’s doing with his company. He continues to get rid of the old items he has built to make room for the new technology he is building.

This is Jobs’ way of telling the graduates to live their lives and not waste them trying to live someone else’s life. Life is too limited to be anything less than themselves.

Jobs ends his speech on a positive note, this is his way of encouraging the graduates and Stanford.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” Jobs said.

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