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International Student Association


            This organization, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater International Student Association, consists of the International Students and the students of the United States. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater International Student Association intends to promote a better understanding between individuals of different countries enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The association also tends to cater to the needs of the Whitewater community and the University students with respect to their understanding of the cultures of the different nations.

Article I- Name

Section 1- The name of this organization shall be: The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater International Student Association.

Article II- Membership

Section 1- The membership of this organization is open to all full time enrolled students, both international and American, who are interested in the advancement of cultural exchange among people of different countries.

Section 2- Any person meeting the requirements of Article II, section 1 shall be eligible for membership upon showing interest through an email sent to and the signing of a membership pledge card.

Section 3- Admission of the new members each year shall be closed two weeks prior to the annual election meeting.

Section 4- Funds needed for activities not funded by segregated feels shall be paid by fund raising efforts and contributions and not by membership fees under any circumstances.

Article III- Voting

Section 1- All registered members shall be entitled to vote during elections.

Article IV- Officers

Section 1- The officers of this association shall be:

A. President                                        E. Social Coordinator

B. Vice- President                             F. Student Government Representative

C. Treasurer                                        G. Webmaster

D. Secretary

Section 2- Any member who has attended 50% of the general meetings, verified by the secretary through the attendance sheets, and 50% of the events organized by the organization during one semester shall be qualified to hold office in this organization except for the position of President and Vice President. Nominees must be present at the election meeting.

Section 3- In order for any member to be qualified for the position of President and Vice President, he/she shall have been a member of ISA for at least three semesters in addition to the conditions listed in Article IV section 2.

Section 4- Nominations for the officers’ positions shall start no later or sooner than the second week of March. Nominations shall be submitted to the President or Vice President prior to the election meeting.

Section 5- Officers of the organization shall include students from different countries of the world, with no exception. No country shall have more than two representatives holding office within the executive board. The term of office for all officers shall be for one academic year.

Section 6- Election of the officers of the next academic year shall be no later than the second week of April.

Section 7- In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president, the position shall be filled by the vice-president.

Section 8- In the event of a vacancy in any other office (excluding the president), a replacement will be elected by a majority of the members present at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Article V- Duties

Section 1- President: The president shall research and schedule events, hold and preside over regular and executive meetings, and carry out policies of this association as set out in the constitution. The president shall work with the Global Education Office and organize and plan for the Global Gala, The International Education Week and the International Dinner.

Section 2- Vice President: The Vice-President shall assist the president in all duties and shall preside over all presidents’ functions in his/her absence. The Vice-President shall keep record of office hours and hold the officers accountable in the event of absences.

Section 3- Secretary: The secretary shall keep record of the proceedings of the regular and executive meetings. He/she should have printed minutes available at the following meeting and provide an electronic copy of all meeting minutes to the International Student Advisor. Also he/she is responsible for all the association’s correspondence, and for publicizing and sending reminders of all meetings and events.

Section 4- Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep a record of all the monetary transactions of the association, and must report at every board member meeting to the officers.

Section 5- Social Coordinator: The social Coordinator shall be responsible for the social and cultural activities of the association. These include the Global Gala, Homecoming, The international Dinner, bus trips and recreational activities. He/she shall make bus reservations.

Section 6- Webmaster: The webmaster shall prepare a monthly newsletter to be published in the website/blog. He/she shall also be responsible for the publication on and maintenance of the social media sites involving the association, including facebook.

Section 7- Student Government Representative: The student Government Representative shall represent the Association at all student government meetings and report to the members at the following meeting of the association. He/she shall also represent the Association members at the Residence Halls and at the administration of the University.

Section 8- All officers shall serve at least three hours a week at the Association’s office. Office supplies shall be used to accomplish work related to the activity of the Association only.

Article VI- Meeting

Section 1- Regular meetings of the organization shall be held every other week and notification shall be given to all the members one week in advance with a reminder forty-eight hours before the meeting.

Section 2- Special Meetings may be called:

  1. At any time,  by the president, upon forty-eight hours notice to the members provided the membership is notified of the purpose for the meeting
  2. By the president, upon request of three members stating the purpose for which such meeting is to be called. Such a request must allow forty-eight hours notice to the members.

Section 3- Meetings shall be conducted in an organized manner, approved by the executive board of the Association.

Article VII- Committees

Section 1- The executive committee shall consist of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, social coordinator, webmaster, and student government representative and shall be responsible for conducting the routine business of the organization.

Section 2- Ad Hoc committees can be formed by the president when he/she requires the services of such a committee for any stated purpose, including homecoming and international dinner planning. Such a committee will cease to exist after the accomplishment of the stated purpose.

Article VIII- Finances

Section 1- Funds may be raised for the proper functioning of the association in any way that the officers of the association deem appropriate. However, such fund raisers must approve by the members at a scheduled meeting.

Section 2- A financial statement of the previous year shall be prepared by the treasurer, and distributed at the annual election meeting.

Section 3- The president, Vice President and Treasurer shall have signature power over the Association’s bank account and shall possess the ISA debit card. Spending made from the bank account must be approved by the President before any necessary transaction.

Article IX- Amendment

Section 1- Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member. The proposed amendment may be presented at any regularly scheduled meeting except at the election meeting, and must be distributed to the members in writing at the time of notification of the meeting

Section 2- The amendment shall take effect upon passage by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting.

Section 3- No changes in the constitution shall be made at the annual election meeting.

Article X – Constitution Ratification

Section 1- Ratification shall be by a two-thirds majority of the members present.


Section 1- All members should be encouraged to make voluntary contributions to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater International Student Association.

Section 2- A quorum shall consist of 5% of the membership

Section 3 By-Laws may be adopted or changed by two-thirds vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 4- The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater International Student Association shall be a purely cultural organization with no political or religious affiliations.

February, 2011

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