Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I have been under the weather the last few days and have not been able to post the blogs I normally do. But Valentine’s is a favorite of mine so I thought I would post something this week to celebrate it. So here you go! Enjoy

So whether your celebrating single or spending it with your significant other, enjoy it! Love yourself, love someone else, just celebrate. Next week I will be back in full force! Hope to have some great posts coming to you. Till then,


Marketing Your Social Media

Looking to use social media to effectively reach your target market or a certain demographic. Well if you follow these simple steps (the same ones we use here in our office) you will do just that.


1) Identify who you are trying to send the messages to.

2) Research where they are and how they want to be contacted.

3) Formulate a strong but easily remembered message.

4) Create your message and analyze its effects.


Essentially your plan should include research, planning, implementation, and analyzing of information. Each is effective for not only creating and sending great messages to your followers, but also find out what works and what does not work. And since I’m a little obsessed with infographics: check this one out!


Facebook and Twitter always offer up to date demographic statistics so go there and see what areas you’re missing out on. And if you need any consulting on your orgs social media accounts, we do free appointments here in the Involvement Office.

Hopefully I won’t throw another infographic in Friday’s blog. Till then, keep it real and GET INVOLVED!



Good to Be Greek

Happy Phi-Day Everyone, (Terrible joke if you don’t understand the Greek alphabet)

We are about half way through the formal Spring Recruitment process. Here on Whitewater’s campus we have many different Fraternities and Sororities and each one of them is looking for new members. But why should you go Greek? Its a lot of money, a big time commitment, and you definitely don’t want to be hazed! But that’s not Greek life here my friends. Drop the stereotypes and listen up. Greek life in the modern age is centered around professional development and giving back to the community. On our campus alone there are over 20 chapters with just about 600 members. Of that, Greeks completed 62% of the community service hours on campus, hold various leadership positions on Student Governance and other appointed committees, and have a GPA that rivals the campus average. Take a look at this info graphic about the national impact of Greek life.

So if you are interested in joining, contact uwwgreeks@uww.edu or head out to the events that are located around campus. Make a great decision for your future. You’re investing a lot in your education, why not make it a meaningful one.

Resume Doctor

The doctor is in this week and she wants to give your resume a face lift. Laura Jacobs, a career counselor for Career and Leadership Development at our university will be sitting in Andersen Library. She will offer you advice on how to make your resume “recruiter ready”. Don’t miss your chance to have a professional give great feedback this week.

Tuesday January  29th, Wednesday January 30th, and Thursday January 31st, each day from 1-4pm. Any questions feel free to contact UWW Career (career@uww.edu).

Later this week we will be talking to a special guest. Till then enjoy this crazy weather!


Welcome Back!



Spring 2013 has finally come. While the cold may have kept us in the last couple of days it is time to shed the blankets and get involved. Over the next couple of weeks organizations will be seeking new members to join their ranks. And of course it is never to late to get involved. JOIN! is your go to place to find anything from Knitting Club to the Anime Society. Fraternity and Sorority recruitment will also be starting up soon so be on the look out for those dates.

As always, swing by our office located in Career and Leadership Development in the University Center. We’re open Monday-Friday. Spring into involvement friends. Makes the most out of your college experience!


This Friday we’ll be talking all things Greek! Till then, stay classy!



Handing Down the Reins

For some organizations this time of year can get a little interesting. Elections are coming up and officer transition will be completed. But getting from point A to point B is not always smooth. The great part about our office is that we offer resources to make this transition as easy as possible. As a president, executive board, or head council it is your obligation to give the next administration a smooth transition to continue the hard work put on by your administration.

Our officer transition materials can be as comprehensive and complete as you need them to be. All of interns can help your incoming executives understand how to best interact and follow through with all aspects of a new organizational year. We can even help with training on various subjects from Parli-Pro to leadership experience.

Stop by our office and check it out. We have a lot to offer and as always, our door is always open to questions. Until next time, keep working hard. Have a great week!


Gobble Gobble!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you awesome people out there! I know this is early, but our office isn’t open after tomorrow. Never the less, everyone from the Student Involvement Office wishes you a safe travel home to a wonderful time with your families. We hope you’re not only grateful for your opportunities they’ve given you to get here, but also for the opportunities you’ve given yourself while you’ve been here getting involved. We  wish you all well, and hope you continue you your hard work through the rest of this semester.

Now go stuff your faces full of homemade food!


Special Guests: Event Planning Organization

This week I got to interview a leader of a great new organization. Kiara Kasten is a senior here at UW-Whitewater who is the current President of the Event Planning Organization (EPO). The new organization has already done a lot of work with in its first year and is hoping to really expand their name and membership with a great event. Here’s what she had to say:

1) The EPO is a fairly new organization, what is your long term goal?
Although EPO is a fairly new organization we are making big steps to become a more recognized organization on campus, our long term goal is to get SUFAC funding for one, and to plan events that not only benefit the community but are fun for our participants while the members are getting hands on planning experience.
2) What is your current membership? Do you accept all majors?
Its hard to say what our membership is currently only because of the Nearly Naked Mile event recognition many more members are wanting to join and get involved, but our current members are incredibly organized workers. We do accept all majors because we want anyone interested in Event Planning to either get connections or experience with it.
3) Can you elaborate on the kinds of things you do throughout the year in and out of meetings?
Throughout the first year when the Org was established we had a couple speakers come in to meetings to tell us about Event Planning internships such as from the Make a Wish foundation and many others. Lately we have been working on our current event, which has many details from sponsorship to advertising and approval to hold it on campus. We get a lot done in such a short time so that everyone is on the same page at the meetings.
4) Your org is hosting the Nearly Naked Mile, can you please talk about it?
At one of our first meetings I asked the members what ideas they might have for our first event and one of the members had mentioned the Nearly Naked Mile. I had never heard about it so the more we learned about it the more interested we all got. We knew we wanted to make it a clothing drive as well so I found The Clothing Closet, because it was very important for me to benefit the community as well. As things fell more into place we decided how fun it might be since the run is pretty short to have it when it gets cold out as well.
The Nearly Naked Mile will be December 1, 2012. People will register between 5:45 – 6:45 and begins at 7pm at the UC (south end). We are having registration every Monday-Thursday in the UC from 10am-4. We are working with The Clothing Closet for the donation. The race costs $5 per person or $4 if you have group/team register of 15 people or more. ALSO people are not required to be nearly naked, since it is cold out we are totally fine with people running or walking in a fun costume or regular clothes!
For even more information on the UW-Whitewater Event Planning Organization and this fantastic event please visit their Facebook or contact them at EPO@uww.edu. Don’t miss this great event and give back to your community!
Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter for great updates daily!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

I think we’ve all seen this video or at least know it’s meaning. And in this post I will be exploring the age old excuse for not getting involved: time.

Everyone says it. “I’m too busy.” “I just have too much on my plate right now.” While I do believe some of my peers, most of the time I will call them out. Their problem isn’t lack of time, but lack of motivation. And there are a few ways to encourage friends who make this excuse. Here we go.

#1: Help them with Time Management. 

Some people just don’t know how to handle their schedule. Encourage them to have library hours earlier in the day or to limit their time on Netflix. This enables free time and hopefully time for involvement.

#2: Drag them with you to Events and Meetings.

Full out immersion. Sometimes feel scared to go because they won’t feel included, they’ll be the odd person out, or just not feel comfortable in general. But when friends travel together it can make an extremely uncomfortable situation as easy as anything. More than likely a friend will not turn you down, especially if there is food involved!

#3: Make an incentive out of it.

People like incentives. Food, money, freebies. Anything that requires minimual effort for something in return. One trick that I’ve used is the “free lunch” method. I always offer up free lunch if they attend a meeting/event with me. It works about half the time, so not very successful, but still.

#4: Bring it to them. 

Now this is extreme. Forcing the involvement on them. Bringing members of the organization around, talking inncesantly about it, leaving various literature around the apartment. It can be a lot of work, but if you’re as committed to getting someone involved like I am, these are measures that have to be taken.

See we’re all just a little bit happier when we get involved. So encourage, push, drag, bribe your friends to join you. It won’t take a lot of effort once they understand the benefit, but it will be well worth your time getting them there.

Have a great week everyone, stay classy!