Latin America Music has a way to get everyone’s  attention you can say you like the  sound and beat. Or  a good song comes on so you begin to dance chances are that it has also been to Latin America. Their music is a lot more diverse then Americas you can hear anything from evanescence to some band that I have not heard of.   The one event that brings all of those together is Rock in Rio.


              There are four stages their and it goes for a week with around 100 bands coming there each year as you look around the site you will notice on the top left corner are  the 3 languages that page has to translate to for people to read it. It has Spanish Portuguese and English.  This shows use that it is diverse and that what we have been talking in class is right.  If you look on the chart you will see that some of the groups you may know with others being a group or band that you have not even heard of that just makes the diversity even greater and their culture more knowledgeable then Americas overall. The two biggest music industries in Brazil are Som Livre.   The industry started 1969 by Rede Globo.   It was originally brought up to commercialize the soap opera industry but later it changed to more of a music industry in general.  The feel and look at Rock in Rio is like no other to get you the total feel of it This is Metallica playing at this year’s Rock in Rio.  I suggest starting at 5 minutes because you get to see the stage more and get more of a feel on how it actually is there.  If you don’t want to watch it all at 24 minutes going to 25 gives a big overview of it from above. Som Livre has bought bands such as Lulu Santos her stage name was Luiz Maurício Pragana dos Santos. She is considered one of the greatest singers and guitarists in Brazilian rock. In 1986 she came up with the song “A Cura” in 1986 wish eventually became the most played song in FM radio of the year.  The next company that is big in Brazil is Sony which is also big in the U.S.A.  They have given you artist such as Beyoncé and Foo Fighters. Sony started their company in1929 and has eventually grown to have offices in 42 countries. My friend Erika Prochet said the biggest difference between their music and Americas is that probably the beats our music has a special way to dance and most of the time, the lyric make sense.   If you go on the links and go around the sites you can see many differences between there music and ours not just the culture but there diversity compared to ours is. The main difference was the diversity they would know a lot of the bands in the U.S.A compared to use not knowing any of theirs. This overall blog post was to get the users informed more about music and get a better diversity of it not just what they hear in America. To also get them aware of what   kind of music concerts are out there if you ever visit Brazil you may want to go there and watch it to get more of a feel of what their music is all about.    Their music such a bigger diversity just like if you go there you will not just meet people who speak   I hope you like this blog and I hope it has   drawn you to going out and listening to their music and maybe even catching a concert in Brazil to see how it is different compared to ours. Thank you for reading adios, Adeus.